Online Education Initiative

Update 2/27/2015

OEI Opportunities Now & Future

  • Opportunity for MJC and CC instructors to collaborate in the Online Tutoring Pilot

  • Exemplary Review Process for all courses entering the Exchange

  • "Electronic Whiteboard" tool for tutoring, office hours and instruction (all colleges)

  • Buy-in power for customized NetTutor Services (all colleges)

  • Common Course Management System for instructors and students in the Exchange

  • Resources for Student Success Modules (all colleges)

  • Basic Skills Workshops and Basic Skills Repository (all colleges)

  • Future opportunities for Columbia College courses to enter the Exchange

  • Professional Development Training & Support through @ONE (all colleges)

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(Left to Right) Mike Smedshammer-OEI Lead Reviewer, Curtis Martin-Pilot Instructor-History, Shelly Fichtenkort-Pilot Instructor-Psychology, Melissa Colon-OEI Reviewer-Point of Contact for Tutoring Pilot, Ann Smith-Pilot Instructor-English