A Mother's Love

A tribute to My Mom and Moms everywhere

My First Friend

Although it seems like it just happened, my mom and first best friend passed away 24 years ago. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have a conversation. Some days are better than others, but it's these celebratory days and being a mom that keep it so fresh for me.

I initially wrote this piece 6 months after she passed and have just adjusted it. Being a mother is a role that is multi-faceted and fluid. No day is like the one before. This is my tribute to you all that still have your mother's in your lives.

Cherish the moments and continue to create memories.

At the end of it all she is still a human with flaws that has a special place for you.

Happy Mother's Day!

A Mother's Love

A mother's love has no boundaries and knows no limits.

It is there before she has even seen the face of the precious gift given to her no matter how many gifts she is chosen to be Blessed with. We are chosen whom we are to mother, no matter how they are given unto us.

Each gift is loved differently from their sibling, still unconditional love is given to each.

A mother will love the child not of her womb.

A mother will accept the Blessing of who you are

A mother will love you through sickness.

A mother will love you through times of hurt and pain.

A mother will love you through the most challenging times of your life - being a teenager.

A mother will love you, no matter your flaws.

There isn't anything a mother won't do for you.

A mother will sacrifice all that she has to make sure that you have what you need and more.

A mother will wipe your tears and hold you close.

A mother will hold your hand and lead you until you can make it on your own.

A mother will give her last so that you can have.

A mother will work tirelessly, eat last so that you can.

A mother will be the lioness to protect her young no matter their age.

A mother will do what it takes to see a smile on your face.

A mother will go without so you don't have to.

A mother will teach you to love.

A mother will try as hard as she can to disguise the pain she feels.

A mother will hold onto to every school gift that you bring home because it's a piece of you.

A mother will smile even when she feels like crying.

A mother will tell you the difference between a friend and an enemy because she can see what you can't.

A mother will let you make mistakes so you can learn.

A mother will warn you many times before she lets you experience the hurt of your actions.

A mother will teach your responsibility.

A mother will teach you respect.

A mother will teach you self love.

A mother will teach you all that she is able to the best of her ability.

A mother will do whatever it takes so that you can have better than she had.

A mother will give her life to forsake your own.

A mother will dare anyone to hurt you.

A mother will share those special moments with you.

A mother will smiles and cry with pride at your accomplishments.

A mother will tell you the brutal honest truth.

A mother will not be afraid of her children.

A mother will not allow you to disrespect her.

A mother will accept your choices even when she disagrees.

A mother will love you even though she may not be able to show you.

A mother will love you the best way she knows how.

A mother will call just to hear your voice.

A mother will watch over you from a distance.

A mother will love you even when she can no longer see your face.

A mother will..


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Support women and mothers because you know not what they've been given.

A smile and a kind word go far.