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My Story

I had been looking for a phenomenal skin care line for what seems like an eternity...My dear friend Amanda must have heard my cries for help, as she recently introduced my to the Rodan and Fields line. Within the first few days of experiencing the product for myself I was completely hooked. Amanda also filled me in on some background information about the company which piqued my interest, so I did some additional research myself. Its a bit of an understatement to say that I was impressed by what I found...the creators of this company are rock stars!!! As a registered nurse Im passionate about bringing the most up to date, evidence based, heath and wellness information and products to all of my friends, family and patients. So signing on as a consultant with this company seemed almost like my responsibility as a dedicated health care the products make me absolutely giddy!! I am more than excited to build my business with Rodan and Fields. I adore that I can do this while working as an RN and I don't have to choose between the two, I can work at my own pace and still be successful. Most importantly, I can provide an amazing opportunity to all of the beautiful women in my life looking to make some extra income! The possibilities are endless my friends...lets do this together!

Rodan and Fields

Stanford educated dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields are most famously known for creating Proactiv, but most recently known as the business moguls going after the anti-aging market with the powerful mission statement: "Changing Skin. Changing Lives." Here is a brief VIDEO on why they chose direct selling to get their products into the hands of more people like us!!

We are proud to say our Doctors have been featured twice this summer on Fox Business Network's Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo where they talk about using social commerce as a platform, instead of Brick and Mortar, to get their product out through consultants like us, empowering women to find the independence they seek! I love that they are pushing to Empower Women through Entrepreneurship and Forbes has named 2014 the year of Female Entrepreneurship, making R+F the perfect platform for that!!

Click here to watch the June Opening Bell Feature: and you can watch the most recent segment by clicking here for the August Opening Bell Feature. We were also recently featured on Women's Wear Daily and Fortune, which shows we are not only a great skincare company but a brilliant business model.

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The four lines they created are:

1) SOOTHE for Sensitive Skin including rosacea and eczema

2) UNBLEMISH for Adult Acne

3) REVERSE for Skin Brightening for Hyper-pigmented or Sun Damaged Skin and

4) their revolutionary REDEFINE Anti-Aging line.

Then there's the revolutionary REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator, a hand-held, deep physical exfoliation tool that sweeps away dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion.

And the recently re-released AMP MD System utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits that can give you smoother, softer skin after just one use. They call it Spanx for your Face.

Coming Soon...

Coming January 2015, is a product that is about to change EVERYTHING!!! Redefine Acute Care uses liquid cone technology to deliver hyaluronic acid and peptides directly into your wrinkles while you sleep!! Visible results after just one use. Lasting results after one month! Lasts up to 12 weeks!! Can use around the eyes and lips to fill in expression lines and wrinkles that we all want to either correct or prevent!! So whether you are 22 or 82... It's the closest thing to an injectable (think Botox) you can get, but without the needle!!

Consultants will have the chance to get their hands on Acute Care this September in a three day event and then end of October, our Preferred Customers will have one day to get the product in a sneak peak and at OUR cost!! Now is such an exciting time to be a part of this explosive business opportunity!!

Here is a VIDEO on our Redefine line and Tools that will turn any bathroom counter into an Anti Aging Arsenal.

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Gotta Love Free Press...

Our skincare lines get tons of free press, especially with the re-release of the Amp Md roller, which Allure & The Today Show are calling the best spent minute in anti-aging. The Amp MD's unique stainless steel, medical grade micro needles promote collagen growth in your skin, filling in your lines and wrinkles naturally vs shooting your face with Botox and fillers! Ellen featured our Amp as one of the best Red Carpet Ready products. Oprah and Britney have both raved about their Macro Exfoliators to the press! And with the recent announcement of Redefine Acute Care, I can't WAIT to see all the free press we are going to get!! This product is unlike ANYTHING on the market. Fill a wrinkle... while you sleep. Yes Please!!

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Results that speak for themselves...

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Without a proven product, our business model would mean nothing. We use a multi-med layering therapy which gets incredible results! When used as a regimen, our products are prescription strength, which is what sets us apart from other MLM skincare companies. That and the press we get, and the awards and that we were in retail. Sorry Mary Kay. In 2002 R+F launched in retail and quickly rose to the top as a top selling line in Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Bloomingdales and the number one clinical line in Nordstrom.

In an unprecedented move, they pulled out of retail and entered the direct sales market. Putting their products in the hands of people that were passionate about them while capitalizing on social commerce. You can read more about that transition in an article from Direct Selling News. Forbes wrote an article about the transition, raving about our President, Lori Bush, and her ability to make that transition without a dip in numbers. Lori was also named one of the most influential women in direct sales and she is a FORCE. Really admire her direction. People ask why we would ever pull out of retail?? In ONE month, we now sell 5x what we did in an ENTIRE year at Nordstrom. We have already hit 200 million in our first 5 years and are on our way to becoming a billion dollar company, growing in the triple digits every year. This company is growing at lightning speed.

As Katie Rodan has said, "We are just getting started." R+F is set for global expansion this year, starting in Canada and moving into Asia and Europe next. We are on the ground floor with only 50K reps in the United States! There is so much growth happening every single day, which makes this the perfect time to start your own business with Rodan + Fields before everyone you know is doing it!!

I love the accolades that R+F gets in the business world, validating the opportunity from a financial aspect. The American Business Awards named R+F the Top Consumer Product Company 2013 (Apple got the Award in 2011). Forbes called us the Top Direct Sales opportunity of 2013. Ernst & Young named R+F a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in California. The Direct Sales Assoc. has awarded R+F four Ethos Awards in 2013, including the Vision for Tomorrow award. And Harvard Business School did a study on Direct Sales, specifically on R+F stating that direct sales were a viable business opportunity that should be considered. Forbes also talks about what a brilliant business model R+F has and why MLM's are a great opportunity for eager entrepreneurs. Rodan + Fields continues to raise the bar. For the fifth year in a row, R+F has been recognized by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) as an industry leader. This year, R+F won the 2014 DSA Ethos Award: Product Innovation, in recognition of the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™. Rodan + Fields also won two subcategory awards for excellence for the MACRO Exfoliator™ Companion App in Technology Innovation and the Rodan + Fields Business Feature in Vision for Tomorrow. Love seeing the validation from these prestigious sources.

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My Mentors

Jen Dede Kelly is she's truly AMAZING! Jen has always inspired me with her talent as an actress, and now she totally inspires me with her business smarts and ambition. She has an extensive background working in skin care, so she came to this business really knowing her stuff and immediately saw how R+F stands head and shoulders above the rest. Jen is constantly training and supporting her ever-expanding team, including me, how to duplicate the success of our incredible line and inspiring us all with her cheerful attitude and monster ambition. In just a few months, Jen achieved Level 5, won an iPad, qualified for several leadership retreats and has built a team of nearly 50 members! And there’s no stopping her. It is incredible to see how we are all rising as a group with the resources she and our terrific up-line continue to provided. Jen is proving that this is more than doable with an already full and busy life style—she’s AWESOME and an endless source of help and support to me in my business. If you work with me, you’ll be working with Jen, too!

Rachel Cannon who Jen signed under is truly INSPIRING! She is training her ever expanding team how to duplicate the success of our incredible line! Whether it’s fast and furious, like her, or slow and steady. Whether you have 15 min a day to build your biz or 15 hrs a week. In only 9 weeks she achieved Level 5, won an iPad and a trip to Napa! She has grown solid and strong. In just 7 months she has built a team of over 200 members and it's incredible to see how we are all rising as a group with the resources provided!! She is certainly proving that this is more then doable with an already full and busy life style!

What would I be doing?

My favorite part of this job is the social aspect. It's all about connecting with other business minded people and supporting each other. R+F is filled with business owners just like us. Strong driven people who see the value in ancillary income: Doctors, Salon owners, Attorneys, Advertising Execs, etc. We have created an incredible team of motivated entrepreneurs and are growing fast! I love that we are not limited by our zip code. I have team members all over the United States, most of which I reconnected with over social media. Old friends coming back around and making new friends along the way. We get together for cocktails occasionally to brainstorm about our business, we take trips together, we host charity events together -- all tax write offs. We are “brand ambassadors”, not SALES people. We don’t have to host parties to be successful. We don't stock inventory. We simply represent an award winning product line and share a life changing business opportunity with people we think will love it!! I talk to anyone I think washes their face... or could use an extra $500 a month and I've been so surprised by the response of my network!! Everyone can use a little extra cash and everyone washes their face!!

Love it! How do I get started?

STEP ONE: BUYING YOUR R+F BUSINESS KIT The start up investment is your “business kit” which includes products that you will use personally as well as show to others. The kits range from $395 – 995. I recommend the 995 or 695 (I bought 995 and made money back in 3 weeks). I think it’s important to have the Macro and Amp MD roller in your kit. 1) you will love using them! 2) it’s important to show potential customers as most will want as part of their personal regimen! For a comparison of what's in the kits, click HERE.

STEP TWO: THE MONTHLY COMMITMENT Your ongoing monthly commitment will be $100. This is simply to "keep the lights on" in your business. Most franchises require you to pay rent, have employees, payroll taxes, etc. We are just required to use the products so we are a walking billboard for R+F and to have the products to show to others. Same as walking into Nordstrom - you want to see the sample to try on your hand or smell it first!! Your $100 will consist of $20 for your business websites and $80 to restock your personal product and business kit at wholesale cost. And it's all tax deductible.

STEP THREE: BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS Make a list of people you think would love Rodan + Fields and start getting together with them! Don’t judge whether they will just want products or be interested in the business - let them decide that!! We have created wonderful resources that help you get your business off the ground fast!! The group support we have created makes this a business that ANYONE can do. We are all busy professionals with other careers and obligations. Work hard. Play harder. We love what we do.

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The Guarantee

Rodan + Fields offers a 60 day money back guarantee for BOTH customers and consultants, so if you try this and find that it’s not for you after two months, you can get your money back, which really shows you that there is NO RISK to give it a shot!!

Too busy for a Side Gig with R+F?

Give us seven minutes to change your mind... WATCH THIS.

We are all insanely busy and have one thing in common: how much we LOVE our side gig with Rodan + Fields. Why?? Because it allows us the freedom to be in control... to be the Boss!!

We can show you EXACTLY how to do this...

What I love about our specific lineage is that we have additional training that helps us duplicate leader after leader in this industry. These are the ones directly above me... this is NOT common in R+F... but it is becoming common within our group!!

So proud to be included with these MONSTERS!! And they are hilariously fun. I've made new friendships all over the country thanks to my leadership group pages on FB. Birds of a feather... drive a free lexus. I want mine.



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