Italian is the main language. Italy has different regional languages, including Emiliano-Romagnolo, Ligure, Neapolitan, Piedmontese, Lombardo, Veneto, and Sicilian. Kids may know English because they study it at school. Older Italians most likely speak french, German, Slovene, and other languages.


Nearly all Italians are Roman Catholic, but most people do not attend church services on a regular basis. Roman Catholic has a huge influence in Italy. While they may not attend church regularly, most Italians still have their babies baptized and confirmed in church and most have church weddings. Vatican city, is the home of the Catholic Pope and headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church, is located within Rome. Vatican City is surrounded by medieval and Renaissance walls everywhere. Some are Atheist but That's a minority of about 20%.

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Economic Activity

Italy’s economy is based on agriculture in the south and industry in the north. Although only a small percentage of Italians work in agriculture, Italy is able to grow most of the food it needs. Important crops include grapes, potatoes, sugar beets, corn, rice, and olives. Italy is one of the world’s largest wine producer. Tourism also brings a lot of money to Italy, tourist come see the famous arts in Italy.

Political Systems

Italy has a president and a prime minister. The president is in charge of the military, along with other duties, but it’s the prime minister who actually leads the government. As a result, most governments last less than two years. The prime minister is appointed by the president but must be approved by Parliament. The voting age for all other elections is 18. Italy is divided into 20 regions.

Art & Music

Italy is greatly know for its art. Some of the great Italian Renaissance artists include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Donatello, and Brunelleschi. Instrumental and vocal classical music is an iconic part of Italian identity.

Customs & Traditions

Italians celebrate Christmas and important family time in Italy. A favorite children's holiday in Italy is the Epiphany, which celebrates the end of the Christmas holidays.

Farragoes is a nation wide summer holiday on the 15 August. Calcio (soccer) is the most popular sport in Italy. fans go to huge stadiums to watch a soccer game. Basketball is the second most famous sport in Italy.


Italian is the ethnicity, Italy would be the country. Other ethnic groups in Italy include the Silician's, Sardinian's, the Lombard's, and even the South Tirol.