Camp David Accords

By ; Angel Jordan and Estefany Solis


On September 17,1978 the Camp David Accords was signed by Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The Camp David accords was a formal peace treaty for Israel and Egypt to have peace. This called for establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. They Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula in stages, to be completed within three years.This also called for further meetings to resolve the Palestinian question. The meeting would include Jordan and a representative of the Palestinian people.

Important terms or people

  • U.s President Jim Carter - The 39th U.S president
  • Egyptian President Anwar Sadat - Egypt's 3rd president
  • Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin - Israel's 6th Prime Minister
  • Camp David Accords - the result of 14 months of diplomatic efforts by Egypt, Israel, and the United States that began after Jimmy Carter became President.

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