School Counselor's Corner

Welcome Back to School

We had a great opener this year. Kudos to the 4k program teachers, I've never seen such emotional readiness from kindergarten students. They waltzed right into their first day of kindergarten without hesitation. They have mastered holding and dumping lunch trays and asking for help opening the milk and juice cartons. It's going to be a fantastic year for Great Expectations and I look forward to experiencing our new 5k students adopt our GE model along with our other fabulous students and staff.

School Counseling Program

Mentoring for ASD2

We need you to serve our students at Honea Path Elementary! Our district has a mentoring program in which you can do just that, serve our students. All homerooms kindergarten through fifth grade have students that could benefit from spending time with a mentor. The schedule is not rigorous. It's ten hours of your time out of the entire school year. We ask mentors to eat breakfast or lunch with our students to encourage them to reach their full potential. As with most things, there's a process. I have the forms. Please contact me at 369-4492 if you are willing to devote your time to give a priceless gift to a child, a positive relationship.


I am a co-leader for our endorsement of the Ron Clark House system. I am leading the house Serio along with my great coworker, Mrs. Amy Austin. Take the time to ask your child what house they are in at school. Our house celebrates all things surrounding great expectations and responsibility. We'll be doing some great team building activities each month with the students that are members of Serio. Questions? Please ask.

ASD2 Counseling/Therapeutic/Social Work services are on site and available for students!

We are very fortunate to have clinical social workers serving our students in ASD2. Mrs. Krista Overby and Mrs. Teresa Phillips are our clinical social worker who serve students and families for a variety of issues and concerns. Your school counselor, at every school, is your initial point of contact if you are interested in receiving services for a child in need. This is a therapeutic environment that will require an initial assessment with the parent and Mrs. Overby or Mrs. Phillips. You must be the legal guardian of the student to sign consent for such services. Contact the school counseling office for further information.