Lafayette Update

Parent Update: September 16

Numbered Spots @ LAF

As a reminder, there is no parking in numbered parking spaces. Even if you will only be a minute. The teachers rely on their parking space being available if they run out for an errand. It is a student safety issue if they are late returning to their classroom. Thank you.

Start Strong Assessments

All students in the State of NJ will take part in the Start Strong assessments during the month of September. LAF's administration of this assessment will be on September 22 and 23. The assessments are brief, about an hour, and are designed to quickly provide critical data to teachers and school leaders. These assessments provide schools and districts the flexibility to address students’ unique needs at the beginning of the school year. Please reach out to Cheryl Russo ( if you have any further questions regarding the assessment.

SDOC After School Enrichments

All students are welcome to participate in the SDOC After School Enrichments. If there is an overwhelming response to a club, a lottery will be held to determine participants. Registration for all clubs will close on Friday, September 23rd at 5:00 p.m.

NOTE: Signing up more than once for the same club will not increase your chances of participating. It will only prolong the process for the Club Supervisors since they will have to look for and delete duplicates (and sometimes triplicates).

The Lafayette PTO will also be hosting After School Enrichments. This information will be coming out toward the end of November.

Please click any link below to access each Registration Form:

Jeff Lake Class Trips

The 5th grade trip to Jeff Lake was filled with a day of team building and free play and lots and lots of smiles. We are looking forward to spending the day with our 4th graders on Wednesday the 21st. Here are a few reminders and things to know:
  • Make sure your child is at school on time promptly by 9:00am. They should go to their morning line up spots
  • All students need to bring a bagged lunch that day. Paper bag would be easiest to carry/discard but you may bring a lunch box if you choose
  • Backpacks are not necessary, a small drawstring could be helpful
  • A refreshing snack will be provided by Jeff Lake: Rich's Ice Pops. Depending upon supply it will either be blue raspberry or sour cherry. Please click the flavors to view the nutrition facts and ingredients.
  • Water bottles are not necessary as they will have water fountains they can use.
  • Students may bring water if they would like as long as they remain responsible for them.
  • Students will be active so sneakers are must.

Meet the LAF World Language & Art Teachers

Senora Casais

¡Hola! I am Señora Casais and I am excited to be a part of the Chatham Cougar Family! It is my fourth year teaching in Chatham. I have taught for over 15 years in another district. My love for teaching and learning has been shared with students from grades K-8. I was born in Spain and love sharing the Spanish culture and language with our future leaders! This school year, we will be singing, dancing and learning many new things in fun and engaging ways! We will learn about the wonderful cultures that make up our school community too!! We will begin with a unit called All About Me! I can’t wait to learn more about our wonderful students. Stay tuned for all the fun!

Mrs. Janet Kraemer

Janet Lynda Kraemer teaches art at Lafayette. She earned her B.A. from William Paterson University and her M.A, from Montclair University. Several decades ago she had two of her innovative stitchery compositions tour the state for a year as an exhibit of YOUNG NJ ARTISTS. She first came to the district in January of 1967 at SBS to teach art and it was during her time there that a music teacher asked if she might add some artwork to the spring concerts. More recently we have become excited about our after-school ART interest groups featuring things like ceramics, sculpture, weaving, assorted puppetry forms, and continuing the Lafayette mural and 3D paintings. This year some individuals will have an opportunity to build the sets and props for the Shrek Musical.

Mrs. Kraemer is also the mother of four grown sons, one of which is a designer/craftsman in New Orleans, and three grandchildren. She enjoys quiet bike rides, gardening, working on craft projects, and taking care of her newest granddaughter. ART is always such FUN!


21 - 4th Grade Trip to Jeff Lake

20 - Mini Marathon Practice 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

22 & 23 Start Strong Assessments

26 - No School

27 - Mini Marathon Practice 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm


5 - No School

10 - No School

21 - Hickory Pizza Parlor Day

24 - 28 - Book Fair

24 - 28 - 1:00 pm Dismissal/Afternoon Conferences

31 - Halloween Parade