Lion's Roar

May 6 ,2016


W.T. Mission

Building relationships to encourage, inspire, and lead students to succeed in a changing world.

Upcoming Dates @ W.T.

Monday-May 9th

  • STAAR 3rd & 4th grades Math- Enter attendance at 8:30am
  • STAAR 5th grade Math retest-Enter attendance at 8:30am

Tuesday -May 10th

  • STAAR 3rd & 4th grades Reading-Enter attendance at 8:30am
  • STAAR 5th grade Reading retest-Enter attendance at 8:30am

Wednesday- May 11th

  • STAAR 5th Grade Science-Enter attendance at 8:30am
  • 5th grade Summer School forms due
  • Coaches are here
Thursday- May 12th
  • Nurse's Day- We love Nurse Norman!
  • STAAR Makeups

Friday- May 13th

  • Latino Literacy 8:45am
  • Progress Reports

Monday- May 16th
  • Staff Meeting- End of Year checkout- All must attend

Tuesday- May 17th

  • MP & Newland off campus for training
  • Baseball camp after school 3rd-5th grade. Encourage student attendance

Wednesday- May 18th

  • EOY LPAC's- all ESL teachers need to attend
  • Site Based Meeting 3:40pm- Library

Thursday- May 19th
Staff carnival Baskets or gift of time is due

Friday- May 20th

  • Latino Literacy @8:45
  • 5th puberty talk
  • CARNIVAL 5:30-7:30
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Summer Birthdays

June 10 Mrs. Hubbell

June 11th Mrs. Watts

June 24th Mrs. Newland

July 19th Ms. Bowman

July 21st Diana Wilson

July 28th Dora Camarillo

W.T. Information

Staff Changes

We stayed low in classroom numbers this year in Kinder, 2nd & 4th grades. Due to this, and the impact that the new International Leadership School will have on BISD student enrollment, W.T. is cutting a teacher in each of the following areas- 2nd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade for the 2016-2017 school year. That leaves us with more employees than we have teaching positions. Mrs. Mackey and Mrs. Hubbell, two of the most recent of our family members hired, will go to other BISD campuses. Additionally, Mrs. Bumpas will only be able to be with us half time due to W.T. receiving a 23% reduction in Title I funds. This of course is very tough for these ladies as well as all of us as a staff. Please give them hugs and encouragement.

Of course staffing changes occur up until the last day of school and sometimes throughout the summer. If your plans have changed for next year I need to know ASAP so all staff know where they will be next year prior to summer break.

Additionally, we will be getting a section of Pre-K from O.H. Stowe. adding another section of Pre-k 4. Lluvia Ruiz Rosas will be joining our Lion family.

Summer Professional Learning

Staff please submit to me what professional learning you will attend this summer!

End of Year

As the year comes to a close, it is not a time to loosen the reigns but to keep the consistency tight, like you have done all year. If students are given leeway they will begin to unravel behaviorally. Supervision and consistency should be strong as we close the year. We are having many office issues at times of non-instruction such as recess, lunch, and breakfast times. Please continue to be as vigilant as you have been all year with our Lions. You are already doing a great job, this is just a reminder to stay the course!

2nd grade community Project

Staff please consider contributing!

Click Video to see our 2nd graders in action

W.T. Carnival

This is PTA's big money making event and they need our support! I am asking a couple of things from you!

  • Please plan to make an appearance to show your support- Bring your family too!
  • Consider signing up for the dunk booth-sign up below

  • Please provide by donating a grade level themed basket or the "Gift of Time Basket" for the auction. More info to come soon from PTA! Basket will be provided. Click below to place your grade levels theme.

  • You will not need to work a game booth this year but providing a bag of candy for the game prizes would be appreciated!

Appraisal! Eduphoria

Please sign Summative End of Year document.

STAAR Grades 3rd,4th,5th

Please cover walls of any materials that might aide a student during Reading and Math and Science for 5th grade,

BISD Survey

Please complete BrightBytes survey

ROARS-These Lions need a High Five!

  • Mrs. Divall is a grandmother! Congratulations!
  • Mrs. Shoulders for her amazing work in putting together Career Day. It was a well oiled machine!
  • Topley for her vision of creating a magnificent day of fun for our Little Lions!

HUGS- These Lions need a Hug !

  • Caitlyn Hubbell
  • Laura Mackey
  • Bridgette Bumpas

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