Checking In with YOU

March 23, 2020

Just a few thoughts...

I hope you and yours are well. My school family is never far from my thoughts and my own family is safe and sound. Here I thought the last newsletter I would have sent out to you was the March Newsletter! Silly ME!

The reality of living in your home is intense for so many of you. Do your best to find a rhythm and routine. Children thrive on consistence. Give yourself permission to find new routines versus trying to stick to the old ones. Remember you where on the go all the time, now you are now home, a lot and you may be dealing with one or two parents working form home. It is OK to change wake up, bed times etc but try to have a new normal, so kids know what to expect. Routines make kids feel safe and right now things have changed dramatically for you and them.

As for school I am just offering suggestion to keep the learning alive. I do not expect you to move forward in the curriculum. Anything I offer you is just that, an offer not a requirement.

Please feel free to email me Monday-Friday with any questions or concerns!

Take care,

Suzanne Houston

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Please email me a picture or statement of what your child loves about school. Also, take a picture of the bunny you made so I can share it on our next newsletter. This virtual learning can be so much fun!!!