Mrs. Jessica & Mrs Denise's Class

What we've been up to this week

November 11-14

Monday What begins with letter H? We matched some cards and found things in our room that make the "h" sound.

Tuesday Hickory Dickory Dock... The mouse ran up the clock. We got to pretend we were mice and ran up and down the clock. Then we tasted three different types of cheese, Swiss, Cheddar, and Mozzarella to see which one we liked the best. I had 2 that liked Swiss, 3 Cheddar, and 2 Mozzarella. Yum, yum.

Wednesday H is for Honey Horse. Show and tell fun. We ate bread and made butter together, then gave thanks for our food just like the pilgrims and Indians did.

Thursday Our Bible Story was about Ruth, Naomi, & Boaz. Boaz cared for Ruth and Naomi. We made a place mats and our "homework" was to set the table, because "I can help others."


Letter I- Letter I show and tell on Wednesday

Family Feast this Wednesday!!!

We have been working hard on our songs and outfits for our special presentation. See you there!

We did it!!! Yummy bread and homemade butter.