Superstorm Sandy

Awareness of the economic activity

Economic Activity

Hurricane Sandy destroyed many cities and neighbors, including mine. Most possessions were ruined by floods. Sandy is costing the US about 65 billion dollars, 30 billion of it being property damage. Me and my family have to move from friends house to friends, until the devastation is repaired. It will take years for all of the construction to be finished, and all of the power is out. Many shelters were created for people who had no where to go after. Many businesses were disrupted also, because of the storm. People should be aware, that The storm made many people homeless right now, and have nothing left. The cities should be built to be able to withstand more, since they are on the coast, if another storm hits.

Hurricane Sandy

About Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy devastated the eastern coast of the United States. Massive flooding occurred in New Jersey, and New York. Houses were severely damaged by flooding, wind and debris, and fire. There was even a massive power outage leaving millions of people without power. Millions of people were forced out of their towns in order to rebuild from the damage of Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy was a category 1 when it made landfall in New Jersey. Sustainable winds got up to 80 miles per hour. The estimated amount of money the storm cost the US is 65 billion dollars. 149 deaths were recorded.