West Nile

By Chance Dupriest

There are many terrible diseases in the world today. West Nile is one of the worst diseases.

Symptoms of West Nile

West Nile has many symptoms. Some of the symptoms are mild and include fever, headaches and vomiting. Then the most severe symptoms include seizures and vertigo. As the disease progresses the person will reach a stage where they are unable to walk.
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How many people died from West Nile in Texas in 2012

In 2012 286 people died from west Nile. Most cases the doctor sent home the patients, multiple times they were sent home. west Nile is a deadly virus.
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where did West nile come from ?

west Nile came from the Nile river in Africa. when mosquitoes breed in the river. When they have the virus they look funky .
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fun facts

80% of people who are infected will not show any symptom's. the virus can cause severe disease and death in horses. the west Nile virus was first isolated in a woman in the west Nile district of Uganda!