Netiquette 101

How to Behave Online

What is social media?

Good question! Check out this video of kids just like you, explaining it!

In written form, social media is and are websites that let people create communities online to share thoughts and ideas.

But can everyone see what I post?

The answer is: pretty much. Even though you may make your Facebook account private, people can still access it!

So how do I stay safe?

Well it's simple really. Don't accept anyone's friend request unless you know them! Some people online are not really who they say they are. If someone looks questionable or starts saying things to you that are not appropriate, tell your parents! They will help you and make sure that you stay safe.

What about netiquette? I keep seeing that word. What does it mean?

You've heard of etiquette before right? Well it's just like that but online. Your parents should have taught you manners and you should always use those manners when using social media as well. That means don't post or write things that you normally wouldn't to say to someone's face. The old saying goes: Think before you speak; and now it goes for what you put online: Think before you post. You should also respect the other people online. Another way to have manners online is to make sure you are using the right text when talking to someone. If you use ALL CAPS, you might sound mad when really you are just excited! Keep in mind that there is another person on the other end of your comment or post.

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