An archipelago with less land than Philidelphia

European Union Information

Malta joined the EU in May 2004, and it was not a founder.
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The Flag

The Maltese flag is comprised of the George Cross in the upper right hand corner and the colors of the pennant of the hautvilles. The George cross was given to them by King George V and the colors were gifted by Count Roger in return for their hospitality.

Interesting Facts

-Malta's independence day is September 21

-Hello is the same in English and Maltese

-More than 90% of the population is Roman Catholic



Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediteranean Sea, south of Sicily. There is a continental shelf in the surrounding water.

Major Cities and Capital

History and Government

It was controlled by Great Britian until the World Wars, when it became independent. The currency was Lira, but now it is Euros. It is a Republic.


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