An Exciting New Year!

2012 - 2013

Check Out Sign Up Sheets by Room 204!

I will have plenty of sign up sheets on the bulletin board by my classroom on Registration Day, Wednesday, August 22. Please check it out! A successful year depends on everyone helping out! We had a tremendous year last year! I am looking forward to working with all of you this year! God did amazing things and reached many people through your efforts last year!

Sign Up Opportunities

1. Labor Day Parade, Monday, September 4. Parade starts at 1PM. I am not sure yet when and where we need to be there. I have a meeting to go to on Tuesday, August 21, to find out more info. I will try to post it on the sign up sheet.

2. NJHS Induction Ceremony, Friday, October 19, 6:30 PM. We will need 5 people to give speeches on Scholarship, Leadership, Character, Citizenship, and Service. I have sample speeches for you to look at. Also needed are people to help with the Reception afterwards.

3. We have 4 quarterly committees that need chairperson and/or co-chairpersons. Chairpersons will meet with me and we will get you organized for the duties of your committee members.

4. Prayers for the beginning and end of our meetings.

5. Chapel, Wednesday, January30 for Lutheran Schools Week. We will need a couple people to write a skit and help plan out the chapel service (Bible readings, hymn, stuff like that).

There may be more things I will think of between now and Registration Day. Be sure to check out the bulletin board by Room 204!!!

School Website

Also, check out my page on the school website!! Scroll down the page to find out current info on NJHS. Right now, it still has last year's information, but it will be updated soon and regularly!