Vocabulary Presentation 4

by Rachel Pomerantz 1B

The _______ of Athens laid the foundation for modern Western civilization as one of the first communities to democratically decide its leaders.


-an organized society having a specific form of government

-can be a nation, state, church, or other organization

-from Greek words polis (city) and politikos (citizen)

Related Words

Other forms:

political (adjective)

politics (noun)


regime, country, community


anarchy, disorder, solitude

Which sentence uses a form of polity incorrectly?

A. Julia preferred to stay out of office politics by avoiding discussions about the selection of the next floor supervisor.

B. The new Pope has challenged the rigid, antiquated structure of church polity.

C. An important function of any polity is foreign relations, or dealing with outside organizations and governments.

D. The polity of different opinions enriched the debate about NSA surveillance.