Athletic Trainer

Avery Jackins

Job Description

An Athletic Trainer cares for hurt and injured people during the healing process. Every day you get with and review an athlete's readiness to continue doing their physical activities. They will use a variety of equipment and feedback to train and prepare for recovery and comfort.

Working Condition

Athletic Trainers are on their feet all day, usually in a gym or a place with the correct equipment. They usually work one to one with their trainee and complete the standard hours of any other job, and have an assigned schedule for each athlete to obtain their goal.

Training/Education Requirments

To be an Athletic Trainer, you must have your bachelor's degree, and is common to have your Masters degree. A requirement license to have is the State Licensure from Board of Certification.

Personal Characteristics

If you want to be an Athletic Trainer, you need to be a Motivational, Inspiring Leader so your trainee will be determined to accomplish their goal. Although they are probably not able to do a lot, you still need to be strict in your ways, they need to do their part in order for you to do yours.

Earnings & Job Outlook

A typical yearly earning amount consists up to $40,000 and do not get a lot of vacation opportunities. Job Openings usually are in a City with many people to work with, but can be in a smaller town.