Digital Citizenship Project.

By Isael C

Rule: 1 Digital Etiquette

Treat people with respect.Digital Etiquette or ntiquette, you should be carefull when you post some thing online because some is always waching you and what you do. So be carefull when you post thing you don't want to some one to not respect you so always be nice to another person if not some thing will haunt you and you won't like it so if some one is mean to you then let it go because something will happen to them.

Information privacy

If you ever post anything don't let it be privacy .Never post anything privacy, because there is some that is always watching you so don't post anything personal information and if you don't know this person so don't accept him or her because they can just use your information do ruin your life so never put any information in the internet.

Social Networking

If you don't know them then ignore them.If you don't know people then don't talk to them or accept them as your friends only accept them if you do know them.You sould have permison that you can go to facebook or any other website.

Online Safety

Never give out any information about yourself.You should not give out your pasword.When you are online don't but your real name but any named so you can protect your idenity or any imformation about your self and if a online friend whant to meat you in person tell your parents and they sould meat him and his famly just for safty.


If you ever cyberbullying then you can get in big trouble.If you ever do that to a person then they can report you or tell there parents so don't do this make it better and if someone is bullying then tell them to stop or stick up to them and tell them to stop and if they keep doing it then tell a parent or a teacher and you can report them.


If you ever Plagiarism then you will get in trouble. If you ever plagiarism on a book report or in any thing because you will get in trouble or you will get a F in your report


Copyright is illegal. You can never use another person's idea unless you ask that you can use there idea or work they made. If you did not ask to use the video or anything then you can get sued or get punished really bad.