Team Jeanine !!!

STAR Challenge!

We are going for STAR TEAM!

Hello Team Jeaninel!

WOW! I know that Jeanine has shared her big scary goal with you....STAR STYLIST! How awesome is that?? You are so lucky to have such a determined leader coaching you every day!

So I have special challenge just for you all!!! You all booked shows for April!! That's the first congrats to YOU!

I challenge you to really hostess coach and aim for that 40-10-3-2-1! Have you seen this new system yet?? (well, not new, but revised!)

Invite 40!

Have 10 guests come!

Collect 3 outside orders!

Book TWO shows at that show!

Sponsor one stylist :)

The in-home show is where your business will continue and flourish! I CHALLENGE You to sell $1000 or more !!! That's ONE - TWO shows!

So who is IN????? Come on girls...I know you can do this!!!!!!

So excited to check in and see how everyone is doing throughout the month!

Ready...set GOOOO!!!



So how can I sell $1000 plus?

There are so many things you can do to earn some extra sales to get to $1000 by the 30th!

- I challenged my hostesses for APRIL to collect THREE outside orders BEFORE their show! I sent the Spring collection video to the hostess and told her that if she collected these orders, I would gift her the POUF for free!

- Invite 5 girlfriends over to your house this Month! Why not??? Share the jewels and have them play! You may end up with some orders and a qualified party!

- Give a few samples to friends to WEAR all weekend long! They can wear and share and collect orders too!!!

- Set up at your local salon this Month. Pass books out while ladies are getting their hair done!!!

-Lastly....BOOK, BOOK, BOOK! There is no magic! Just watch the videos in SDU and do what they tell you to do! Don't re-invent the wheel! Our system works. I did it today and I booked! I warmed up potentials on Monday and CALLED today...1 out of the 10 booked! SUCCESS!

Good luck and have fun!