kaleigh holdredge

by me

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Hi my name is Kaleigh and this is my life story.

my life

My favorite color is blue because that is the color of my eyes. I was born on December.22 2005. My lucky number is 22 because that is the day i was born.
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I love galaxy i even have galaxy shoes

that is so cute ill die!!!

I love cute things!!!!!!!
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my cousins

EMLA is what i call them Emma Mandy Lily and Anna.


Mandy i fell so gets me its like were sisters<3 I love her she is my favorite you tuber

mandy is the one in white

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lily is 12 shes a sweet girl shes smart and funny

lily is in blue

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emma is smart and funny she pretty and sweet i love her

she is the older one

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anna is a baby that is funny and so cute
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My sis

My sis is meaghan i love her but we fight all the time

in the blue

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so that is my life i love it so i hoped you enjoyed looking at this i enjoyed working on it thank you :)
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