kudo the adventure game

Its a free game tooo !!!


This game is so fun to use and simpel two. You make grate games on it like roming marz , racing game with fomlia one cars and you can even play a game of football on it . This game is so easy to ues it is 3 simple ways. If you are trying to control your charcter they you use the arrow kes , it you are just want to have a look around the game then you will use the mose and if you want to controle more than 1 charcter then you will use (wasd) to make it move.


This brand new sibon is just to good to be true. Its even better than the old one so it can go up the side of the montan and clime up ronks , even more powefull. But the best thing is that it is 100% FREEE ! (yey) Pluss it downlodes with out giveing you anny vires and bugs on your computer ore console and xbox . Thois new sibon can do see behinde it so when your playing with your frainds you can see be hind you so you can doge the bullets . It can also camaflage to the srouding that it is in so that it is easy to hide in .

this game is garenteed to be awsome

Downlode it now !

This game is so so good you know i keep telling you to get it as yoiu need to get it so you can play it so you know how good this game is