Mrs. Bartley's Class News


What have we been learning in Rm 22?

We have just finished up Democracy. I think the students really enjoyed learning all about democracy and what that means and looks like for them. We held a class election where they voted to have a game day in the upcoming week. We also looked at the Pledge of Allegiance and broke it down. We talked about what those really big words meant. The class also worked in groups to create citizenship booklets/

In reading we are still working on building our reading stamina. We talked a lot about what it looks like to do "real reading" so that we get the most out of our books. With that, we are trying to building our reading stamina.


Second grade has chosen a monthly reading goal of 200 minutes per month. Our class has reading logs that go home with every homework packet, this is how I will track their minutes each month. If you are not tracking your students reading this way, please begin so that they can earn their personal pan pizza's each month!!!

In math we are finishing up our place value unit and will take our test next week. We have worked hard this past week on understanding math vocabulary. Specifically, the difference between the words DIGIT and VALUE. This has been a difficult concept, but we are making progress. It might be helpful if you asked your student to explain each of those math terms in their own words.

Important Dates/ Events Coming up this week:

REMEMBER!!! All month of October- At Buffalo Wild Wings, if you eat there, a portion of your bill total will come back to the school!! Ask them for details :)

**Parent teacher conferences will be held next week on Wednesday evening and Thursday**

The Pirate Principle that I will be watching for this month will be RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

"taking care of yourself and your things" your student work towards being our October, Responsibility, Pirate of the Month!

Lunch Choices for this week will be:

Monday: BBQ Riblet sandwich/ Sweet & Sour chicken

Tuesday: Turkey Hotdog/ Meatballs w/ pasta

Wednesday: Popcorn Chicken bowl/ Cheeseburger

Thursday: Chili Cheese scoops/ Grilled Turkey & Cheese

Friday: Alaskan Fish sandwich/ Chicken Alfredo w/ pasta

Special Class Schedule

Monday: MUSIC

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: ART

Thursday: MUSIC

Friday: PE

School Wide Behavior- PBIS

Character Trait: Responsibility

“Something one must do because of prior agreement OR worthiness as the recipient of another’s trust of confidence.”

Understanding PBIS:

What is our Matrix? Our matrix is a reference for teachers and students to know the correct behavior at any time or location in our building.

What is a minor?

A minor is a reminder or redirect to alert the student that they did not follow a school expectation.

What happens if my child receives a minor?

Your student’s teacher will document the minor behavior. We use this data to plan lessons that address the needs of our building. For example, if a lot of students are not following the hallway expectations, we know we need to reteach in this area.

Our behavior focus for this month is: Disruption