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Crystal Jackson- Origami Owl Independent Designer

First Things First... Thank you!

I love to start by saying THANK YOU! I could not do this without YOUR support! When you are willing to host a party or share my page, you are supporting my small business and my family. I appreciate that so much! Maybe you're not confident that your friends or family members will make a purchase. First off, one of my least confident hostesses had one of my BEST parties! She gave her friends the opportunity to see what Origami Owl has to offer, and it paid off in FREE jewelry for her! Secondly, your guests take their cue from YOU! If you comment, like statuses, participate, and show enthusiasm, your guests will, too! When you love it, you get others excited about it. Want to try to earn some FREE jewelry? I have a few dates available coming up. Message me to choose your dates:

April 17-18 *In time for Mother's Day shipping*

April 24-25 *In time for Mother's Day shipping*

May 1-2 *In time for 2-day Mother's Day shipping*

May 8-9

May 15-16

Facebook & Bridal Packages


If you're interested in special deals & offers, please message me on Facebook to be added to my special (secret) VIP client group.

Are you getting married soon? Did you know that I offer bridal packages? They can be customized to include bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers of the bride & groom. All packages even come with a locket for the bride (we have beautiful ways that you can pin these to your bridal bouquet; there are even ideas of how to do so to honor someone you've lost who can't be with you on your special day). I have packages in a variety of price ranges! Message me for details!! All bridal packages must be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance to allow time for shipping and packaging. All orders ship to me and then are individually designed & packaged and placed in beautiful packaging to be presented to your wedding party!

Join My Team

Do you have any of these goals?

  • Save for a family vacation.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Buy a new vehicle.
  • Put a down-payment on a house.
  • Save for college.
  • Build an emergency savings account.
  • Make room for family "extras" in the budget.

Whatever your goal, Origami Owl can help you reach it!

If you'd like to join my team to earn some extra money, go to http://crystaljacksondallasga.origamiowl.com/EnrollApproved.ashx. If you have questions, message me at igiveahoot.owlheart@gmail.com or on my Facebook page.

I'm happy to let you know how it all works & how it can help you meet YOUR goals!

About Me

Hello! I'm Crystal, and I'm a SAHM of a toddler and baby. The life of a SAHM is totally new to me, and I chose to supplement our family income by joining Origami Owl. I'm so glad I did. It's such a positive environment, and I love the story of the company, the mission statement, and everything about being a force for good through Origami Owl. Maybe you think this is just all about Direct Sales, and being a force for good has nothing to do with it. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Sure, this is how I supplement my income, but I'm also able to meet new people, host fun parties online, and have an opportunity to share MY story while helping you find a way to share YOURS. Thanks for your continued support of my small business!