Picture Bride

By: Jessica Disher & Tiffany Steed

Phase One 1917-1918

Facts about Hana...
1.) She leaves Japan to go to America.
2.) Meets Taro and goes on a first date with him.
3.) Meets the Toda's.
4.) Kiku begins to plan Hana and Taro's wedding.
5.) At first, Hana doesn't want to have "relations" with Taro, but they do anyway.
6.) Hana and Yamaka's friendship becomes stronger.
7.) Taro wants to have a child with Hana.
8.) Yamaka kisses Hana; Yamaka tries to grab Hana inappropriately.
9.) Taro is angry with Hana for cheating; but later he forgives her.
10.) Hana gets influenza.
11.) Hana goes into labor with her first child but loses the baby.

What's happening in America and Japan?

  • April 2nd, 1917 at 8:30pm; war is declared between America and Germany
  • Woodrow Wilson is president
  • WWI is occurring
  • Virgin Islands are annexed

  • Nikon is founded
  • The Seiyukai wins national elections
  • Hara of the Seiyukai becomes prime minister
  • The U.N. assigns the Mariana Islands to Japan
  • Komosuke Matsushita finds an electrical company (later renamed Parasonic)

Phase Two 1920-1921

Facts about Hana...
1.) Neighbors didn't want her and Taro living in their neighborhood.
2.) The Superintendent of the church's Sunday School gets the Women's Society money from Hana.
3.) Hana gets a job.
4.) Mrs. Johnson is Hana's neighbor.
5.) Work is hard for Hana.
6.) Hana and Taro have a true "I love you" moment.
7.) Mr. Nishima lives with Hana and Taro.
8.) Mary is born.
9.) Hana trusts Mary in the care of Mr. Nishima.
10.) Mrs. Davis sees Hana as a friend.
11.) Hana confides in Mr. Nishima.
12.) Hana takes over Taro's shop for a period of time.

What's happening in Japan and America?

  • March 1920- Prices collapse and a long stagnation begins
  • Hara of the Seiyuaki is assassinated by a nationalist
  • Nov 1921- The USA, Britain, and Japan agree to reduce their navies at the Washington Conference
  • 18th amendment prohibits alcohol
  • 19th amendment gives women the right to vote
  • Warren Harding becomes president in 1921

Phase Three 1930-1940

Facts about Hana...
1.) Hana was incapable of giving Taro another child.
2.) Hana has two miscarriages.
3.) Hana and Taro are going on vacation.
4.) Hana and Taro renew their spirits.
5.) Mary is ten years old.
6.) Hana feels that as Mary gets older, they get more distant.
7.) Mary is frustrated with her looks.
8.) Mary is embarrassed by Hana.
9.) Hana feels like it's too late to communicate with Mary.
10.) Hana doesn't like the thought of Mary not pursuing a Japanese American man.
11.) Hana is hurt that Mary doesn't want her to come to her home to help while Mary is pregnant.

What's happening in America and Japan?

  • Worldwide depression begins
  • Herbert Hoover, President from 1929-1933
  • FDR, President from 1933-1945
  • Roosevelt begins "New Deal"
  • Social Security Act provides retirement insurance
  • Japan signs the London Naval Treaty
  • Pro-war general Araki Sadao is appointed Ministry of War
  • May 1932- Makoto Saito is appointed Prime Minister
  • Japanese army invades Hebei
  • Fuji is founded
  • Japan creates a puppet government in Nanjing

Phase Four 1941-1943

Facts about Hana...
1.) People in the Takeda's neighborhood are suspicious of Hana and Taro.
2.) Hana learns of Henry Toda's death.
3.) Hana is getting used to the living arrangements in Tanforan.
4.) Hana meets a new friend in Tanforan.
5.) Hana and Taro are being sent to Utah.
6.) Hana and Taro embrace Mary and Joe at the stop in Utah; Hana and Taro have to leave them quickly.
7.) Hana and Taro get to the Topaz camp.
8.) Hana's husband is shot.
9.) Hana's husband dies.
10.) Hana stays in Topaz; Kiku comes to stay with her.

What's happening in Japan and America?

  • General Hideki Tojo becomes Prime Minister
  • Japan invades the Philippines and Thailand
  • Japan captures Burma
  • Dec 1941- Japan attacks the USA fleet at Pearl Harbor
  • Dec. 7th, 1941- Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
  • FDR is President
  • Dec. 8th, 1941- USA declares war on Japan