Elementary Principals' Guide

What You Need to Know About the Redesigned SAT

What's Happening in Spring 2016?

Who? What?

  • 9th Graders will take PSAT 8/9
  • 10th Graders will take PSAT 10
  • 11th Graders will take the SAT


  • PSAT: April 12 & 13
  • SAT: April 12


  • Alignment to Career & College Readiness Standards
  • Accepted by all Mi Universties

What are the Redesigned Features of the SAT?

The SAT Includes the Following Components:

  • Reading Test
  • Writing and Language Test
  • SAT Essay (Required in Michigan)
  • Math Test

The 2016 SAT has 8 Key Changes:

  1. Words in Context
  2. Command of Evidence
  3. Essay Analyzing a Source
  4. Math that Matters Most
  5. Problems Grounded in Real-World Contexts
  6. Analysis in Science & History/Social Studies
  7. U.S. Founding Documents & the Great Global Conversation
  8. No Penalty for Guessing

What does this mean for teaching & learning in my building?

English Language Arts

Provide extended opportunities for independent reading.
  • Students need to build their reading stamina.

Provide close reading instruction across the content areas.
  • Students should read a variety of informational and narrative texts--along with charts/graphs.

Ensure that a comprehensive word study & vocabulary component is part of daily instruction across content areas.

Know the ELA Claims, Targets, and Standards that are assessed on M-STEP


When problem solving, asking more than one question about a given scenario allows students to do more sustained thinking and explore situations in greater depth.

Require students to complete problems of all types.

Check out:

Know the Mathematics Claims, Targets, and Standards that are assessed on M-STEP

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