Dutch Exchange 2016 Newsletter

November 2016

Plane tickets have been purchased!

Your plane ticket to Holland has been purchased and you will soon be on your way to Amsterdam!

Your flight itinerary is: (both flights are direct flights)

Departing: UA 909 ORD to AMS at 5:50pm on Monday, June 5th, arriving 9:20am Tuesday June 6th.

Returning: UA 908 AMS to ORD departing at 10:55am on Thursday, June 15th, arriving at 12:55pm on Thursday, June 15th.

There will be a bus departing from LFHS on June 5th, to take all students to O'Hare. On the return, families are expected to provide their own airport transportation from O’Hare on June 15th. Pickup will be at the International Terminal 5 at the receiving area.

Note: If you are carpooling, please be aware that you will need to complete a permission slip and return it to Mrs. Collier or Mrs. Serrato PRIOR to departure on June 5, 2017. Permission slips will be distributed at the final Bon Voyage meeting.

The Hague

The Hague is the seat of government in the Netherlands and where we will start our adventure in Holland. It is also the capital city of the province of South Holland. Read below to find out some of what this city has to offer and what you will be visiting while in The Hague!

The Mauritshuis Museum

In this museum you can see Vermeer's 'Girl with a pearl earring' and Potter's 'Young bull' and many more.

Why is Vermeer's "Girl with the Pearl Earring" considered a masterpiece? - James Earle

The Peace Palace

This is the home to the international Court of Justice, the only judicial organ of the United Nations outside New York, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. This beautiful building and the organizations it houses have given The Hague worldwide renown as the city of Peace and Justice. At the side of the entrance to the Peace Palace is the Eternal Peace Flame: 'May all beings find peace'. Around the monument there is the World Path of Peace, made up of a ring of 196 stones and pebbles from 196 countries. There's a block of stone from the Berlin Wall and a stone from Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.

De Ooeivaart Boat Tours on the Canal

Enjoy a relaxing and scenic tour of the canal in The Hague. Learn about the canals and the landmarks we will encounter along with way.

Segbroek College

This is the school that we will be visiting, but also is where are exchange students attend school. Want to learn more about their school? Click on the link below to explore their school website.


Next payment is due on:

Tuesday, Nov. 15th 2016 at 3pm

1285 N McKinley Rd

Lake Forest, IL

Please make check payable to Lake Forest HIgh School in the amount of $500. Checks can be given to either Mrs. Collier or Mrs. Serrato.

Next Group Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 6th 2016 at 6pm

1285 North McKinley Road

Lake Forest, IL

We will be meeting in the Library Classroom to discuss information on your Dutch student. Please plan to attend. See you there!

Dutch Students will arrive May 3rd!

Please mark your calenders. The Dutch students will be visiting from May 3th to May 12th. You will meet your student at Lake Forest High School upon their arrival from O'Hare. More details to follow at the April 26th meeting.