Events in History

By Nicole Nading

Industrialization: Political

Soldiers were dying of illness from poisoned food, meat poisoning specifically. 4,500 thousand soldiers from the United States died from food poisoning. This number is so low since we joined the war towards the end. Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle to show the people what they are eating and what is happening in the meat industry. So Roosevelt passed Meat inspection Act to have sanitary conditions in meat processing shops. I am proud we passes this act because it keeps our food sanitary.

Meat Inspection Act

Saturday, June 30th 1906 at 9pm

United States Congress


The Clayton Antitrust Act prohibited pricing policies that would destroy competition and/or outlawed buying stock within that specific industry. The act was passed in 1914 by the United Congress. It was further clarification of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 so businesses could not make millions of dollars more than another business in that industry.

Clayton Antiturst Act

Thursday, Oct. 15th 1914 at 9pm

United States Congress

Social/ Cultural

Child labor: Children under 14 were working in factories producing goods for that business to sell without pay, but in 1916 the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act was passed so kids could go to school and get an education instead of working illegally without pay. I am ashamed of our businesses using children for work.

Immigration: Political

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 made the Chinese laborers illegal in the United States. For ten years Chinese would not be allowed in America. I am ashamed by this because even though we fear them its not okay to keep them all out. Some may be beneficial to the United States.

Chinese Exclusion Act

Saturday, May 6th 1882 at 9pm

Signed by President Chester A. Arthur


Expatriation Act, The 14th amendment. This act says that American women who marries a foreign man lose their citizenship. I am ashamed of this act because it states that women cannot be trusted if they love a different cultured man, which is not right.

Expatriation Act

Monday, July 27th 1868 at 9pm

United States


The opening of Ellis island is where over 12 million immigrants over the next 60 years come into the United States Safely. This is where they background check and make sure you are not a horrible criminal coming into the United States and put the people in danger. I am proud of this because it expanded population of the U.S. safely.

Opening Of Ellis Island

Friday, Jan. 1st 1892 at 9pm

Ellis Island, Jersey City, NJ, United States

Urbanization: Political

The 17th Amendment had elections for senators directly from the people. This increases public participation for voting, and helped political machines disappear. I am proud of this amendment because it makes the voting more efficient and it is more fair than political machines.

The 17th Amendment

Tuesday, April 8th 1913 at 9pm

United States Congress


Graduated Income Tax is a system where the more money you make off of your job, the more taxes you have to pay. I am proud of this because it's not fair for the more poor people have to pay the same tax as the richer people. The U.S. wanted to stay away from this because this is what happened in Europe when there were Kings and queens not having to pay taxes and the lower class having to pay them.

16th Amendment

Monday, Feb. 3rd 1913 at 9pm

United States Congress


Ways of Transportation like trolleys were invented to get from places faster and more efficient than walking. Less people would have to leave for work from their house earlier and get to spend more time at home. They also do not have to live really close to their work. I am proud of this accomplishment because it helps people not live close to all the noise and pollution.

Trolley Invetion

Sunday, Jan. 1st 1888 at 9pm

Downtown New York City

Progressivism: Political

The 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote and run for offices. The women of America started fighting for their rights as early 1776 and finally was legal in 1919. I am proud of this because women are just as capable as men are in making decisions, and women deserve to have the same rights as men.

19th Amendment

Saturday, June 14th 1919 at 9pm

United States Congress


The Progressive Party also known as the Bull Moose Party was Theodore Roosevelt, Robert La Follette, and Henry Walace's party. These three wanted to help child labor, suffrage, and other reforms. It was merged into the Republic Party. I am proud of this because the intentions of these three people are all good.

Progressive Party

Monday, Jan. 1st 1912 at 9pm

United States


The book How the Other Half Lives is written by Jacob Riis to show the people of america that live in Tenement housing how the poor people in slums live their life everyday. He wrote this book photojournalism style. I am proud of this work because it helped the people realize that there are worse cases and need to help the others in need.

How the Other Half Lives Publication Date

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1890 at 9pm

New York, United States

Imperialism: Political

The Panama Canal used to belong to Columbia, but once we helped Panama rebel from Columbia. The Hay- Buna_-Varilla Treaty gave the U.S. control over it. This help transporting goods across the world more efficient. I am proud of this because we helped another country become independent while getting a reward in return.

Panama Canal Possession

Wednesday, Nov. 18th 1903 at 9pm

Panama Canal


Washington's Farewell Address was a letter to the people of America from president Washington. It was stating that he was going to retire and wants America to still stay successful. He wants america to steer clear foreign world alliances. I am proud of this because even though the president is leaving he is leaving on a good note and wants to still help america stay in good shape.

Washington's Farewell Address

Monday, Sep. 19th 1796 at 9pm

United States


The Annexation of Hawaii: The Untied States helped Hawaii overthrow Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii. Then the U.S. gave Hawaii their government headed by white plantation owners. I am proud of this because we helped Hawaii then received a reward after.

Annexation Of Hawaii

Tuesday, Jan. 17th 1893 at 9pm

Hawaii, United States


World War I: Political

The Zimmerman Telegram was one of the reasons that the United States joined the war. The letter was about Germany wanting a secret alliance with Mexico against the U.S. Germany was willing to give land of ours to Mexico if they win the war. I am proud of the way the U.S. responded to this because its not fair for other countries to offer up some other countries land.

The Zimmerman Telegram

Monday, Jan. 1st 1917 at 9pm



I am proud of the Untied States choosing to not to join the League of Nations because the U.S. would lose independence in staying out of wars. If we were in the league of Nations the U.S. would have to help the nations fight wars, which is not what is preferable. I am also ashamed that the U.S. did not join the League of Nations because that could have stopped world war two from happening.

The League of Nations

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1919 at 9pm

United States


New modern weapons for World War 1 were invented to kill more and makes impact greater. I am ashamed of this because all the countries seek for is to kill the most people. War is a horrible thing, and killing people is even worse. Some of the weapons including gases that kill and guns that kill quicker. Also barbed wire and tanks.

World War One

Tuesday, July 28th 1914 at 9pm