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Rice with meat

Spring rolls delivered to your office this Thursday 9/19!

Yummy! Rolls for Poor Children!

We are a group of Vietnamese students and professionals in Madison, who often cook together, have fun together and strike for great causes together. One weekend, we just had some thoughts about our home country where poverty affects many people, especially small children. We decided to act to help poor children have nutritious meals and also to introduce our wonderful Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls are introduced for this fund raising campaign to help provide Vietnamese poor children with nutritious meals. The spring rolls are made from fresh ingredients from our local markets. Rice sheet will be rolled to perfection with lettuce, cilantro, mint, vermicelli noodle, pork and shrimp; then served with special peanut source. Each roll is about 4 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter, which will make an absolutely awesome lunch.

One spring roll order includes 2 rolls and peanut sauce for $3.50. Our goal is to deliver 200 orders on Thursday September 19th 2013. Last day to place order will be Sunday September 15th.

The profit from spring roll sales in this campaign will be donated to “Cơm Có Thịt” (Rice with meat), a Vietnamese charity focusing on providing nutritious meals for poor children. Please visit “Cơm Có Thịt” here to see how grateful the poor children will be when they have nutritious meals that come with your generosity.


Rice with meat

Thursday, Sep. 19th 2013 at 12pm

Catered to your office!

We're catering the fresh and delicious Vietnamese spring rolls to your office for your donations to our cause. Enjoy these wonderful refreshments while providing healthy nutrition to Vietnamese children in need!

Sunday 9/15 - Last day to place your orders

Monday morning 9/17 - We'll be coming to your office to collect donations

Wednesday night 9/19 - Fresh ingredients are purchased from local grocery stores in Madison

Thursday morning 9/19 - Yummy spring rolls in the making by Viet Coop in Madison

Thursday at noon 9/19 - Spring rolls delivered by 12pm. Enjoy the summer lunch!


Thank you for your support. We successfully received 200+ orders!
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