And its Religion

What Does Buddhism believe in ?

Firsts of Buddhism has no gods, no prophets. The ideas of Buddhism were developed about 2500 years ago by a person named Sidhartha Gautam, now known as Buddha, in northern India by using observation, meditation and thinking.

The Sacred Texts of Buddhism

In the monotheistic religions, the Bible and Koran and other sacred books are considered the revealed truth of God. In Buddhism how ever, are thoughts as guides to the truth, not truth itself. That said, there are many sacred texts in Buddhism, but not all texts are accepted by all schools. The Abhidharma and the Jataka Tales are one of the oldest texts of Buddhism.

How do Buddhist worship

Actually, Buddhist don't worship. Temples and monasteries are there for practice and ceremony, not for worship. The practice takes place in Buddhist depending on the School of Buddhism. It generally consists Meditation, Chanting and the Dharma talks the reading of the Sutras and one on one interviews with teachers and monks. The temples are usually located where people go during the specific for practicing while maintaining either a very small staff of monastics [ One or two monks or nuns] or even no regular staff at all. The monasteries on the other hand are where the monks and nuns live and practice all day.

What does Buddhism Celebrate?

Well,they only celebrate 2 festivals. Wesak Day and Kuan Yin's Birthday. On Wesak Day they do some praying and collect some holy charm and be vegetarian for the whole day. It is to celebrate Buddha was born and when he died. Kuan Yin's Birthday is the Deity of Mercy in Buddhism. On that day, the strict monk would probably visit the temple and do the same thing as Wesak day. The not so strict Buddhists will do some prayers at their home and be vegetarian for the whole day.

What does Buddhism believe in Creation?

Like I have said before, Buddhism has no gods and prophets. They don't have a creation story and it is said that they believe in the scientific way how the whole entire universe was created.

What do Buddhist believe after we die?

They believe that there is a cycle of birth like we know: birth, life and death, and then rebirth. This goes on and on. They believe that unless someone gains Enlightenment, when they die they will be reborn. If a person can gain Enlightenment, they can break out of this cycle.