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St. Theresa - June 26, 2022

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Mark Your Calendars:

  • Mon. Jun 27 - Grade 7/8 Math Final Exam
  • Tues. Jun 28 - Last Day of School for Students
  • Tues. Jun 28 - Report cards go LIVE @ 4:00pm

  • Tues. Aug 30 - Staggered Entry for Students - More information to follow
  • Wed. Aug 31 - Staggered Entry for Students - More information to follow
  • Thurs. Sept 1 - First Day of School for ALL Students

Well Wishes

As the school year here at St. Theresa comes to an end, we would like to extend our gratitude to the following staff members as they embark on a new journey.

Lascia Bridges, Danielle Hanratty, Wendy Hagstrom, Elaine Healy, Nick Hynek, Dan Proulx, Trinity Senuk, Kierra Vellow, and Bethany Waggoner.

We would also like to acknowledge Bill Boyne and Kathryn Knox who will be celebrating their retirement. We wish both Bill and Kathryn all the best!

St. Theresa Staffing 2022 - 2023 School Year

Principal - Pierre Ouimet

Assistant Principal - Sean Gregg

Assistant Principal - Shauna Lindbeck

Secretary II - Shannon Chalifoux

Secretary I - Debbie Wozimirsky

Collaborative Response Coordinator - Brandy Rock

Family Wellness Worker - Carlos Casillas

Mental Health Capacity - Hannah Brunsdon

Librarian - Susan Wagner

Custodian - Richard Ople

Grade 5

Joanne French

Stefanie Kaiser

Kristen Nachbaur

Paul Olijnyk

Anthony Stabile

Grade 6

Jenna Bishop

Annalise Collins

Natalia Kostiuk

Mike Miskiw

Pedro Rodriguez

Sarah Woitas

Grade 7

Sarah Congdon-Reitzel

Kurt Davidson

Tiffany Kadey

Laura Lampka

Dave Stephens

Shelly Sutcliffe

Grade 8

Michelle Anton

Michelle Brownlee

Samantha Gartner

Andrea Marson

Erica Parsall-Myler

Jessica Billingsly - Pathways

Jacqui Dempster - French SL

Mhairi Miskew - Options

Lesia Pohoreski - Music, Ukrainian 7/8

Douglas Sereda - Options

Educational Assistants

Michelle Allen

Michelle Bazin

Lynne Chisholm

Lindsay Clark

Emma Coghill

Karen Colgan

Tara Dawson

Dayna Ebertz

Erin Hildebrand

Tracy Hrycun

Dominique Koshuta

Tracey Lord

Carly MacPhee

Brianne Moar

Kersten Morris

Adriana Porter

Rae Rees

2022 - 2023 School Supply Lists

St. Theresa 2021 - 2022 Yearbooks for purchase

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Sergeant George Miok

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George Miok Scholarship

George Miok was a former student in our school. He was well known as a student that was kind to everyone. He was always willing to lend a helping hand for his school community.

George was an Archbishop Jordan graduate, class of 2001, who after graduation joined the Canadian Armed Forces. George was also working on an Education Degree. He hoped to one day teach in a school in our school division.

George’s life was cut short while serving his country in Afghanistan in January of 2010. George’s memory lives on through the George Miok Scholarship. A local business, Jacek Chocolates, generously funds the scholarship which allows our school to acknowledge and highlight the kindness our students display.

Each month, beginning in March through to June, students that show a strong sense of character through acts of service may receive a “Miok Moment” and be entered into a draw that month for a $25.00 gift card to Indigo. There will be 4 winners each month from March to June. One student from each grade level. All who receive a “Miok Moment” will be entered into a draw in June for a $250 gift certificate (Staples) towards a Chromebook. The winner of this annual draw will be recognized with a certificate and their name will be added to the school’s “Miok Moments” plaque.

Congratulations to Hayden Liber in Grade 5 and Garrett Ripplinger in Grade 8 who are the winners of the Miok Moments Chromebooks!

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This Week At St. Theresa

Congratulations to Zoriana Ferdycz and Ellie Starko for their academic achievements in grade 8 Ukrainian! Molodtsi!

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SFL Biking

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5B and 5K's trip to Broadmoor Wetlands

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5F Minute to Win It Challenges!

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7S Final Exams

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Strathcona County Boys and Girls Club Canteen Summer

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St. Sophia Parish Council is hosting a Ukrainian Day Camp this summer - Spots are filling up!

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VACATION BIBLE CAMP ‘Kingdom of the Son’ - a Prayer Safari @ OLPH Parish Hall

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Summer camps for our youth from the Archdiocese

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OLPH Youth Night is looking for volunteers

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Parish News

Parents with children in grade 2 and older can email SACRAMENTS@OLPH.CA to pre-register for sacramental preparation next school year 2022/23.
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OLPH Parish - Sacraments

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe


13 Brower Drive, Sherwood Park AB. T8H 1Y7

Phone : 780 467 5470 Fax : 780 467 0530

E-mail: info@olph.ca Website: www.olph.ca

September 1, 2021

Dear Parents:

Welcome to a new year of Catholic education and faith formation for your child!

Each year, in a Catholic school, your child will learn about many aspects of their Catholic faith— including learning about the seven sacraments. In our Archdiocese, preparing children for the celebration of their own sacraments always occurs in the parish, with the support of the school: • preparing for First Reconciliation, and then First Eucharist, can begin when a child is 7 years of age and in Grade 2 or older

• preparing for Confirmation can begin when a child is about 12 years of age and in Grade 6 or older • special preparation is also available for children of any age who are not yet baptized

Most children attending Catholic schools are ready to receive at the ages shown above, but there is no such thing as too late. Are you seeking for your child to celebrate a sacrament, such as Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation? Are you ready to help them live out their Baptismal promises? Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and Elk Island Catholic Schools are each involved in preparing your child for a Catholic sacrament along with you. It is a group effort, and everyone has a role:

• As a parent, the Church has always held that you are the primary teacher of the faith for your child. You teach them about God; set the example; talk about your own faith; and you bring them to Mass. • The place where the sacraments are celebrated and lived is the Catholic parish. We the people of God in the Church are each part of the Body of Christ. Being in relationship with the parish community (with all its challenges and blessings) is essential for your life of faith and that of your child. The preparation for, and celebration of, the sacraments happens in the parish church. • You must sign your child up for preparation at the parish. The school doesn’t do this part of the process for you. Catholic schools are a special place for children to learn more about Jesus Christ, to practice living in a community of faith, and to develop and deepen a relationship with Christ. We (Catholic parish and Catholic school) are eager to walk beside you and your children during this very special time. Please call OLPH parish office 780-467-5470, send an email to sacraments@olph.ca or visit www.olph.ca/sacraments to get started or learn more.

As you prepare your child for their sacraments may this also be a special time for you - of deepening your own understanding and of growing in faith for the whole family!

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Jim Corrigan, Pastor

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

A Roman Catholic Christian community.

We come together at our Lord’s invitation to worship God, celebrate the sacraments, and deepen our faith. We strive to be thankful, generous and welcoming, and are sent forth to help advance God’s Kingdom on earth by proclaiming the Gospel and serving others.

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

The St. Theresa Parent Advisory Council performs many vital functions for our school community, by helping to facilitate school wide student functions and providing valuable funding to our school via fundraising. Parents involved in the PAC learn about planning and development within the school and are part of the planning process. These roles make their involvement very important to the families, administration and teachers.

2021-2022 PAC Executive

Chair: Melissa Goulet

Vice Chair:

Treasurer: Kim Pennock

Secretary: Rosie Conrad

Fundraising Volunteers: Lindsay Tomalik & Leanne Doetzel

Meeting Dates for 2021-2022: All meetings will be held virtually at 6:30pm. A google meet link will be emailed the day of the meetings.

  • November 2, 2021
  • December 14, 2021
  • January 25, 2022
  • March 8, 2022
  • April 19, 2022
  • May 31, 2022


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