Brown's Bulletin

September 19, 2016

This Week...

Happy Monday!

Last week was a busy one and I'd like to say thank you for all of your hard work in making it a success!

A Message from Mrs. Brown...

Message from Mrs. Brown


It is so exciting to see all of the wonderful goals that teachers have set for themselves. We will finish up with goal setting conferences next week when I return. Thank you for working so hard on this.

It is important that we have our students complete this process too. I know most of you already do this, but if it is new for you, I encourage you to check with your teammates as we have been doing this for a couple of years now.

T-Tess Tuesdays

Want to know more about T-Tess? We will host "T-Tess Tuesdays" in the library at 3:30 on Tuesdays beginning next week for anyone wanting to know more about T-Tess. This is completely optional. It is strictly for us to learn more about the evaluation process.


Mark your calendars for our first PTA meeting on September 27th at 6:00. All of the meetings were listed on your Year at a Glance; however, I wanted to remind you. I feel it is important for the T in PTA to be present at meetings. We have four meetings and since one of them is the same night at our Academic Fair, you will only need to choose one other meeting to attend. I'd like you to attend at least two but you are certainly welcome to come to all of them.

At this first meeting, the executive board is going to discuss changing to a PTO so this will be important information.

Wednesday, September 21st

Our nurse will not be on campus on Wednesday. Please send diabetic students to Mrs. Williams (she will be in the office helping out that day).


Shout out to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Bien...they are the only ones that shared their minutes from their PLC with me and will be given 20 Dojo points! Thank you. This is a campus-wide expectation so please make sure that you do that this week. You are welcome to take turns but just make sure you share the minutes.

During PLCs this week, share any common assessment data or discuss any formative assessments you've used in the last four weeks.
Last week, you discussed Writing Across the Curriculum. Be prepared to bring an example of this to next week's PLC. Students should be writing in every subject and it's important that we share the great things each of you are doing with your kids!

Things to be thinking about...

*Dads will come for breakfast on September 28th. We are doing this a little bit different so we will fill you in very soon. In the meanwhile, be on the lookout for a handout that is going home with students. Mrs. Bennett will fill you in on what we are doing. Ms. Stevens is going to work on a video for announcements that day.

*National Custodial Workers's Day is on October 3rd- How will you show them you appreciate them?

*Who will your super leader of the nine weeks be? This needs to be turned into me by October 10th. Of course you can turn it in before then if you'd like.

October 5th is picture day- be here so your picture can make it into the yearbook.

BEAR Paws...

Mrs. Davis had the idea that we could pre-print these with staff members' names on them so that you don't have to write it each time. I love it! We will do that and get them to you. Please let us know any ideas that the students come up with so that we can add them to our list.
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Ms. Stevens is currently working on her guidance schedule and will get that to you very soon. We are so excited that she will be able to work more with kids this year! She does a great job.


Please make sure and fill in your portion of the textbook count for Mrs. Bennett.

Teach Like a Pirate...

I'm so excited about our book study on Teach Like a Pirate! Remember to read part 1 before we meet on October 17th.
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Happy birthday Ms. Sowells on Wednesday!

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Try it Out...

I will add an instructional strategy to the Brown's Bulletin each week beginning today. These will more than likely not be new to you; they'll be a reminder. I encourage you to use them when you can as they are learner-centered.

Cooperative Learning- Involves small groups working together to accomplish a learning task. It yields a 27% gain and develops positive interdependence, accountability, interpersonal skills and small-group skills.

It's all about Instruction...

In an effort to be about and about and in classrooms more often, Mrs. Bennett and I will have designated, "Coaching Days" where we will not be in our offices. We will be in classrooms to see all of the great things going on! We will put a sign on our door indicating when we will be out and about. We will alternate our days so that one of us will always be in the office. Thank you for understanding that we won't be available everyday; however, we will see you when we are in your classrooms.
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