Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Where The Wild Things Are

Book of the Week

Parents and students, each week our class will be reading a children's book in addition to our reading lesson. This week we will be reading, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Join Max on his Imaginary Adventure!


We will also be talking about imagination this week. To help get the student's imaginary juices flowing, each student will create their own imaginary person, animal, or object. They will be working on this at school. Parents, discuss this with them at home and encourage them to really be creative. The students will design these in class on paper and we will display them in the hallway outside our classroom! So please come by at the end of the week and see how creative and imaginative your children really are!

Who Created and Drew Max?

Author and Illustrator

Each week we will discuss authors and illustrators and how they are important in relation to the book. We will also learn other names for authors and illustrators. This week our author and illustrator are the same person, Maurice Sendak.