Lessons Learned in Slate Valley

Celebrating amazing work of educators and students, Volume 2

FHUHS Hybrid Learning in Art

Art has always been a place of creative expression. This year especially, I have found it important to give students a place to create work that is personally meaningful to them. We use the wealth of online art resources to explore both historical and contemporary art, with the hope of inspiring them to find their own unique voice as an artist. I find that for many students, art can also be relaxing, a healthy way to process emotion, or simply a time to get lost in the physical art-making process.

Remote days are primarily used for researching art, planning out projects, or reflecting on work. A document camera has been a great way to demo new concepts and techniques when needed. At the end of each project, students upload photos of their completed artwork, once again reducing the collecting of any physical materials. Having a digital version of the work has been really helpful in reflecting back on older assignments, and seeing progression throughout the quarter.

~Kristen Partesi

Shout out to Darcie Parrott's ART ON A CART

Since COVID has made it necessary for specials to come to the classroom pods, many of our specialists have resorted to a life of teaching from a cart. Imagine how difficult this would be as an art teacher, with all of the necessary materials needing to be brought for each individual student. Darcie would not allow this situation to discourage her or minimize the artistic possibilities available to her students. She had her husband help her expand her mobile teaching space through connecting two carts together. She outfitted her cart with student and teacher materials, a white board, an I Can board for learning targets, jugs of water and other materials for clean up, and a document camera to support teaching. She has a miniature, scarf-wearing , paintbrush-toting version of herself with her own white board and easel attached to the top of her cart. In addition, with the help of friends, Darcie turned her cart into a mobile DISCO, to keep the excitement of art alive and well at CES. Notice in the images below that she has battery-operated disco lights and music to set the tone for her mobile classes. Thanks for turning lemons into lemonade for your students, Darcie, and for being an inspiration to us all!
Big picture

A new teacher and samples of K-8 student art around the district

Carolyn Zuaro joined Darcie and Kristen on the district art team this year. Carolyn has been a great fit at Orwell Village School and Fair Haven Grade School. Welcome, Carolyn! Thank you for joining our district and bringing your artistic talents to our students during such a challenging time.


Below is a gallery of student art k - 8. Projects include multi-media outerspace art, watercolor cakes, Zendoodles, fall cats, unicorns, neurographic art, and more.

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