Library Newsletter March 2015

or what's new in the library with a dash of Careers too!

You mightn't be able to bring your classes but you can still borrow!

So far this year I've been stocking up on:

  • The poetry and Shakespeare section. With some easy reading Shakespeare and lots of war poetry
  • The sporting section - with an emphasis on soccer football and basketball
  • The history section
  • Hunting and Fishing and outdoors section
  • The classics section - myths and legends and ancient history
  • And of course lots of fiction for the boys because that is what they read the most.

Remember if there are books which you are keen for your students to have access to, then come and talk, or send an email to and I will attempt to get it for you.

And eBooks. See below.

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival, 5th - 10th May 2015

From the 5th - 10th May 2015, Dunedin will have even more of a literary feel than usual. 6 International writers of renown and a dazzling array of New Zealand's finest authors, journalists, poets, and writers of fiction and non-fiction will gather here to entertain, enthrall and edify their audiences. With more than 40 events this year's festival is bigger than ever before. Programmes will be in the staff room and library and you can access the programme online here. Bridget is on the board of the festival and can answer any questions you have!

What Johnny Made!

Awesome art teacher of this school Mr Johnny Waters created a masterpiece for the library. Specifically for our graphic novel section. Johnny spent hours working on a fantastic header for our display and it looks stupendous. Thanks so much Johnny Vision Waters.
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Ebooks - easy and for everyone - staff and students

King's High School has eBooks available for anyone with a student or staff account. This week a whole new batch of books were added. Head over to here to access them or install the Wheelers App from the iTunes Store. Use your staff log in to access the books. Use the SSO option to sign on. We have 80 titles available at the moment and more being added all the time as decent books become available. Any problems see Bridget. Wheelers is one of the platforms used by the public library so if you see titles on their ebook platform that you think we should have, then let me know.
Mac Barnett: Why a good book is a secret door

What are the boys reading?

The most popular books in our library in recent times are:

The Hunger games - yes still!

The Knife of Never Letting Go - dystopian series.

The Cherub Series - again still!

Maze Runner - more dystopia and they made a movie!

The Amulet Series - Graphic novel, great for reading challenged boys

Wool - Sci Fi goodness. Great at every level and the staff like it too.

Enders Game - the classic Sci- Fi

The Enemy Series - zombies!

Tomorrow When the War Began - the classic series is still popular

Divergent - they made a movie

Looking for Alaska - John Green, the man for the thinking teen

And all our Manga. Fairy tail, One Piece etc etc. The boys beg for new ones, they are addictive and they are loved by Yr 9s to Yr 13. They watch them at home as anime and read the books as well.

The BookMafia

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Careers - Victoria University

I am just back from a two day conference at Victoria where they showed us new courses, updated us on requirements for students and looked at the future world of work. I learnt a lot. If you are interested in what Weta Workshops and Weta Digital are looking for come and see me. If you are interested in what students get access to in their commerce degrees at Vic come and see me. If you are interested in what architecture and design students need, again come and see me. I'm freshly professionally developed and ready to share.

The King's High School Library

Books for everyone, students, staff and your kids too. Your curriculum needs as well as your reading for pleasure needs. Something for everyone, no need to go public, come in and borrow what you need. Resources ordered on demand from teachers so come and ask.

Cleaning out your bookshelves - I want that stuff!

But, only if it is less than 10 years old. I want your Lee Child, your Doctor Seuss, your popular fiction. The book you got for Xmas that you won't ever read. Bring them to me. I will either put them in our library or find another library to share them with.