The Great Awakening

From the view point of Jonathan Edwards


In the 17th century, England made the Church of England the designated church of the entire country. This made for some spiritual "dryness," which lead to a spiritual revival decades later. The term "The Great Awakening" was coined from Joseph Tracy's book in 1842.

"A great and earnest concern about the great things of religion and eternal world became universal in all parts of the town…the work of conversion was carried on in a most astonishing manner and increased more and more; souls did, as it were, by flocks come to Jesus Christ."

Why did "The Great Awakening" occur?

Americans soon realized they didn't need big bad England for political power. They decided that they could take power into their own hands. I slowly started converting people's religions and beliefs to show them they didnt need the church of England for their salvation. Within six weeks, I converted 25% of a towns population. I basically made the American Revolution possible.


Growth of the Presbyterian, Methodist, and babtists. Made it possible for new denominations to arise. The people realized that they had their own power, which unified the American colonies. The results of my work have lasted multiple centuries.