Advice for a Stegosaurus Smore

By: Corey Ballard

Advice for a Stegosaurus Summary

Advice for a Stegosaurus is about learning how to move on and to do what you have to do to move on. It is important to do this, but most people often forget. The only way to do something right is to do it the way you feel is right.

Literary Technique

One good technique that Jessica Goodheart uses is her rhyme scheme. In every stanza, the first line always rhymes with the third. She also summarizes so much information into such a short poem. That makes it easier for the reader to understand the message.

My opinion

Jessica Goodheart is a very good poet. She is able to use a good rhyme scheme in such a small poem. She even manages to fit in a very big message that anyone can use to better themselves. Advice for a Stegosaurus is a very good poem and should be used when teaching others as an example to show that you can't change the past because it was meant to happen.