Wikis and Polling

in Your Classroom!

Technology Captures Student Interest

Jere Bropy, the author of Motivating Students to Learn, states that, "Technology has long been recognized as a 'catch factor' capable of eliciting students situation interest in learning activities (188).

Choice Increases Motivation

"Highly engaged learners believe that outcomes are related to their own actions."

"The more the students perceive autonomy, the more engaged they become."

"Motivating Reluctant Learners." Education Research Service. 2004: 3. Print.

Add Technology to Current Practices

"Teachers infuse technology...most successfully when they find new way to enhance their current practices, leveraging technology's ability to help them connect, collaborate and enrich...choosing the right tool enhances the most reliable methods."

Gullen and Zimmerman. "Saving Time with Technology." Educational Leadership, Mar. 2013: 66. Print.


  • Check for Understanding
  • Elicit Student Opinions
  • Engagement
  • Feedback

Collaboration Increases Motivation

Students are also motivated when they can participate in a community of learners. By providing frequent opportunities to collaborate, you respond to your students' need to relate to others (Brophy, 177).

Use wikis for electronic collaboration


  • Group Assignments
  • Research
  • Project Presentation