The Coordinator Weekly

Rite-Hite Sales Coordinator "Immersion" Report

Written this week by Jim Schweitzer ...

Week 2 - Learning to "Sell Rite-Hite"

Learning to "Sell Rite-Hite" ... The group took a huge step in their sales development by participating in Star 1 this past week. Along with 11 other participants (including 4 international guests), the 8 Sales Coordinators really excelled. With 19 participants, we divided the Star 1 class into 3 teams of 5 and 1 team of 4.

From the start, we knew it would be a spirited, competitive week. Although a few people struggled when randomly selected to discuss the 7 Steps of Selling, everybody improved throughout the week. In the end, we were able to crown a team champion for the week. However, with the progress made by everyone throughout the week, we can expect an equally competitive week in Star 2!

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Congratulations to The Guardian Eagles....... Star 1 Champions!

Ryan Barth, Drew Jones, Kim Brown (McCormick Equipment), Todd Webber (Apex Industries), and Rory Mulcare (Arbon Australia) teamed up to form "The Guardian Eagles." Through consistent effort all week, and some outstanding post-course test scores, they were named Star 1 Champions!

Introducing The King Pin!

The King Pin Award

Each week, Sales Coordinators compete with each other to earn the coveted "King Pin" Award for outstanding achievement. In addition to a points earning system, votes are cast by participants and those interacting with the participants. The weekly winner will proudly sign their name to the award and keep it for the week.

At the end of The Program, the overall winner will get to keep the award forever and always!

Week 2 King Pin - Drew Jones

Drew Jones received the King Pin this week and it was well earned. When you add 11 more people to the group as we did in Star 1, it is even harder for an individual Sales Coordinator to stand out, but Drew pulled it off! Drew truly stood out in each of his group presentations, bringing a calm, friendly attitude. It makes it very easy to listen to Drew, which is a great quality to have.

One thing we look for in the Star 1 training is improvement through the week. Drew exemplified this, as he got the most improved score from the pre-course to the post-course test. In fact, he improved his score by 17 points and finished with the highest score in the class with a 38 out of 39. This is one of the best scores we have ever seen! Nice job Drew!

"Immersion" Report

Becca's Angels

Kyle Fancher- Committed to being more "Available."

Kyle made a great impression this week. During the course, each participant was assigned to demonstrate their knowledge of the Zoneworks app as homework. Kyle did just that as his work was the best of the group of Coordinators. Although he is a quiet guy, all the work we have seen from Kyle thus far has been great!

Drew Jones - Committed to be more "In The Moment."

As noted above, Drew had a solid week and was crowned our King Pin winner this week. This is a great accomplishment, but hopefully he isn't satisfied with this. With his classmates trying to take the pin away, it will be a great challenge for Drew to try to win it again next week. Let's see if he is up for the task!

Becca Conn - Committed to being more "Flexible."

Becca has established herself as a leader. When given a task, it seems that Becca is always willing to take control and lead her group. This is obviously a great quality to have. In addition, she was one of the most passionate speakers during all of the Star 1 presentations. Add with her Dale Carnegie training each week we can expect some excellent presentations from Becca in the future!

Chris Dumphy - Committed to being more "Helpful."

Professionalism appears to be a big deal to Chris. Dressed in a suit each day, he makes sure that he looks like a pro. As Jake Weyand said, "That kid sure is a sharp dresser!" Chris doesn't stop there though, he carries it into his presentations. During one of his groups presentations, one of his teammates broke out in a fit of laughter. Not phased, Chris calmly took control and kept the group on task. He may have saved his team from a truly embarrassing performance!

The Green Bay Dockers

Ryan Barth- Committed to being "Passionate."

Ryan was a key contributor to the Star 1 champions. As a whole, the class struggled with the 7 Steps of Selling presentations all week. However, on Friday Ryan helped turn that around. Coming armed with a Powerpoint and some great talking points, Ryan delivered an excellent presentation. When his team (and the entire class) needed him most, Ryan stepped up. Hopefully this is a quality Ryan shows on a regular basis!

Colton Altier- Committed to being more "Carefree."

Colton's biggest strength has been obvious from the start... he is very comfortable speaking in front of a group. He speaks with passion and confidence, and this was on full display in Star 1. This is obviously a quality that many people would kill to have. In addition, Colton finished with the third highest score on the post-course test with a score of 36 out of 39!

Eleeza Cox - Committed to being more "Positive."

Eleeza had a very strong week. Whether it was her presentation skills, attentiveness, or consistent effort, Eleeza was able to stand out. Because of all this, Eleeza was very much in the running for the King Pin. That marks 2 weeks in a row that she just missed out. We can expect to see her as a King Pin winner very soon!

Eric DiSantis - Committed to being more "Dedicated."

Eric brought plenty to the table for his team this week. As stated in weeks past, Eric has a ton of background knowledge due to his time spent as a technician. This was again on display this week. It is evident however, that through Eric's DEDICATION, he plans on improving as much as possible. Many times, when we people come to Star 1 who have been in the industry for a while, they do not stay engaged. This was not at all the case with Eric, as he was consistently attentive and trying to improve!

Thank You Star 1 Support Team

Developing the future of our company is not a one, two or even three person endevour. It takes a team and we are very forturnate to have a company full of "Rite" minded, team players. I'm sorry if we missed anyone ... Thank you to:

Amy Serio

Bonnie Waskiewicz

Sharon Henningfield

Alisa Rumpit

Maggie Seed

Doug Campbell

Jake Weyand

Tim Kubly

John Hargarten

Ward Wojciehowski

Jeff Johnston

Mary Blaser

Rick Jurasovich

Jon Schumacher

Joe Ellestad

Ellen Kosidowski

Beckey Freiberg

Doug Arents

Sally Lubinski

Debbie Tararowicz

Debbi Zanotti

Kevin King

Mike White

Micaela White

Doug Donovan

Joel Lotspeich

Ed Blau

Al Hochstein

Paul Maly

Kyle Nelson

What's Next?

It's time to get rolling with the group meetings and individual demos!

The Sales Coordinators are now armed with the knowledge necessary to begin attempting to get their sign-offs!

Thank you for your support and have a great week! I know we will.