Whirling water vortex

By: Connor Hayden

What is a waterspout?

A waterspout is a whirling vortex of air and water mist. There are two types of waterspouts. A tornadic and a fair weather waterspout. Both examples of waterspouts don't form from super cells and don't connect to cumulonimbus clouds.

What can a waterspout do to the environment?

A waterspout can do big changes to the environment. A tornadic can do damage if it starts on land. But they are mostly harmless to living organisms. Also a fair weather is peaceful too. so technically they just look cool.

How can a waterspout form?

Unlike a tornado a waterspout rises up from the water and into the sky. You wont see a big dark cloud and a storm. but there are five stages. Stage one: The dark spot-If you see one don't just walk away. Stage two: The whirlpool-A little rotation around the dark spot. Stage three- the mist-You will start seeing water mist flying in the air. Stage four: A full waterspout-A visible whirlwind of water. Stage five: Decays-The waterspout slowly fades away.
Stunning video: Twin waterspouts caught on camera at Lake Michigan

How do you know a waterspout is comig?

A fair weather waterspout will sneak up on you since it doesn't make a sound. A tornadic can be caught if you see the steps happening. You could look at the news, but I would ask an expert storm chaser.
in conclusion... waterspouts are an interesting part of science.