Stepping Up Into Grade 6

October 10-14

Important Events

I Can Help Assembly October 13th

Science Test: October 14th

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Lesson 5 Compare and order Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Wednesday: Inquiry Lab: Percent of a Number

Lesson 7: Percent of a Number

Thursday: Lesson 8: Solve Percent Problems

Friday: Study Guide for Test on Tuesday

RP.3 Solve problems involving ratios and rates

Preparation for RP.3c Solve percent problems.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Wrap up the bubble blowing experiment Pretest over Space

Wednesday: Study Guide for the test

Thursday: Review game

Friday: Test over Science Inquiry

71A8a Formulate/make a HYPOTHESIS

71A8b Identify the INDEPENDENT variable

71A8b Identify the DEPENDENT variable

71A8b Identify CONSTANTS.

71A8c/d Evaluate an experiment and make improvements or extensions

71C8b Find patterns in data and predict

71C8c Determine errors in experiments and measurements (valid)

71D8a Make a graph of data

71D8a Made a data table showing data.

World Geography and Ancient History

What is happening this week:

Monday - No School - teacher PD day.

Tuesday - Students are working on a PowToon over chapter 3. The instructions are found in Google Classroom and answers are found in the TCI textbook online.

Wednesday -Students will share out their PowToons today! Test on Friday over chapter 3.

Thursday - Students will review for the test tomorrow. Students can use their PowToon as a study guide or access the teachers PowToon to help study.

Friday - Chapter 3 test today! Students will then explore chapter 4 by completing a pre-reading sheet. Have a great weekend!

Learning Targets :

Students will learn how the development of agriculture changed daily life in the Neolithic Age.

Looking at Character!

Monday: No School

Tuesday: First and third person point of view

Wednesday: Editing for final copies

Thursday: Fractured Fairytales: How does the point of view change the understanding of events for the reader?

Friday: Editing for final copies