Colonial Advertising Project By: Neal Sharma

Main Points

The colony was founded in 1682 by William Penn and others. The Quakers were the original people to settle there. The British settled in the colony because it was a very good location and had a lot of trading opportunities. The colony is located in the North East of the United States. The geography consists of mountainous areas and plateau areas. This allowed for fertile soil, which made the land suitable for farming. This colony did not have a specific religion, which allowed for religious freedom given by the Quakers and others. It was governed as a Proprietary Colony. Its trade included food, corn, wheat and livestock, and the production of iron ore, timber, textiles, fur, and shipbuilding. This colony was the third biggest and richest colony in the New World. Freedom of religion was granted to all citizens. The representative assembly was elected by landowners.The colony became a state on December 12, 1787. William Penn founded the colony and named the land. Benjamin Franklin contributed to the philosophy and technology in Philadelphia. James Buchanan served in Pennsylvania's General Assembly. Henry Bouquet was a military hero in Pennsylvania who was in the French and Indian War; he saved a settlement in the colony form attack.