The Three Sisters

NSW Katoomba Australia

Information about the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are in the Blue Mountains in NSW. The impressive site is next to a town called Katoomba, towering above the Jamison Valley. At The Three Sisters, in the morning it is warm and in the afternoon onwards it is cold. The Three Sisters are a heritage site and are protected by the Worlds Heritage List. The Blue Mountains are blue because of the oil from the eucalypt trees. The Three Sisters aren't along way from Sydney. It is about 110 km from Sydney. The Three Sisters are the most spectacular landmark and are formed by land erosion.

Activities To Do

At the Three Sisters you can do amazing activities such as abseiling, rockclimbing or adventure caving with one of our experienced operaters. You can also walk through the Megalong on a horse trail ride or step out for a bushwalk along one of the hundreds of kilometres of walking tracks or you can play a round of golf at one of the 5 fabulous mountain golf courses. Are you wondering what adventure caving is? Well we can answer that. Adventure caving is when you're in a cave and you have to do some particular things such as walking, climbing, crawling and many more. There are also different types of caves and many different things. These are just some examples of activities but there are many more. These activities aren't at the Three Sisters but they are in the Blue Mountains.

Why you should visit this amazing site

Visit this particular site because it has amazing views, it has spectacular backgrounds and when the sunlight hits the beautiful rocks all of the magnificent colours come out. Also from Echo Point there are many types of gate ways to different great walks and magnificent nature experiences.

By: Harald Nguyen and Jade Nanai