Ben Wilson for Congress

About Ben

Ben was born and raised in Indiana. He has been a state senator for the past six years. In his time as a senator, he has displayed his conservative values through his consistent voting history. He is a strong believer in the government playing a smaller role in the economy, but should protect its interests and allies in major situations. Along with being involved in state affairs , he is very involved in his family.
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America is the most successful when companies are allowed have less government restrictions and produce in a way that benefits consumers. This can done by cutting taxes, which allows businesses and Americans to spend and produce more than they would when taxes are higher. He also believes that the national minimum wage shouldn’t be raised. This decision should be left to companies to decide, because the financial status varies for each business and can have different effects for each of them.

National Security

Another issue that is important to Ben is that the borders and national security should be protected. Our borders shouldn’t be crossed illegally without punishment. If this issue isn’t corrected it will take jobs away from Americans who are citizens and need the jobs they have. Also, the government should focus on preventing terror attack in the country. This should be done by any way that isn’t prohibited in the Constitution.

Foreign Policy

Ben believes that the government should the United States not only should protect itself, but our allies and democracies around the world. Since America is the symbol of democracy around the world, we should stick to our ideas of a representative government and encourage other nations that a democracy is the most successful and beneficial government. This can be done in different ways than military action.


In Congress he will do what is best for the district he represents. In Washington, he will fight in committees to create a balanced budget that will help lower the massive deficits the nation has had in past years. He will also work to develop and pass laws that will protect Americans and their interest. These are the ideas that he recognizes are important not only to him, but to the great Americans living in this district.

Ways of Communication

As congressman, Ben will send out yearly flyers in the mail explaining his stance on current issues. If you would like to contact him you can by emailing him from his government email.
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