Technology Integration in Today's Classroom

Google Classrooms are Here!!!!

Virginia Beach is now a Google School System. Teachers and Students now have access to Google Classrooms as well as Google Apps For Education (GAFE). This is an exciting tool for classroom management as well as collaboration. Accounts are active but email is blocked to keep students from using it at this point.

To activate your login, go to and click sign in in the upper right corner. You will sign in with your network logon name and "". Your password is your network password. GAFE are very easy to use and we will kick off January with a lot of training to get you up and running. As for now, log in and take a look around. If you are interested in taking that first step to becoming a paper free classroom, this is a great way to start.

Do you tweet?

Some people do not see any value in using Twitter. Who really cares what Johnny down the street had for dinner; but, there are many good points to twitter. Twitter has some great educational feeds that can give you that extra boost during the day. It also gives you a way to let people know what is going on in your classroom.

Just to clear things up, you don't have to Tweet every day. Only when you have something to say. (Most of us don't care what you had for dinner). Ms. Haus is an avid Tweeter and just by setting up an account you can keep track of what is going on in the school. Also Dr. Spence is big on Twitter so you can keep an eye on what type of trends he follows. Twitter is a great tool for educators but always remember "With great tweets, comes great responsibility". Use it wisely!

If you already have a twitter account, let us know what it is so we can see your posts! Check out Michala's Blog on Tweeting

Technology Tuesday

With everything going on during the holiday season, Technology Tuesday's was put on hold during December but is coming back strong in January! Not only will there be exciting opportunities to learn how to incorporate GAFE into your classroom but there will be some additional Promethean training as well as the Book Study (Teaching the iGeneration).

The Hour of Code

Thanks to all those teachers who brought their classes into the lab to be a part of the Hour of Code. As I was in there working with classes I saw student totally engaged in the activities. Not only was there great problem solving and scientific investigation going on but students were collaborating to help solve issues. I hope many of you will continue to allow the students to work through the activities as we move throughout the year. More coding opportunities will becoming soon. If you are interested in more coding activities in your classroom, give me a shout and we will put something in the works.

Don't Worry, Be App-y

Post It Plus (iOS)

How many hours do you spend copying information from a group of post it notes you have on the wall. Post It Plus will take a picture of your wall of post it notes and recognize each post it as a separate note. You can then reorganize and share your results!

Chatter Pix (iOS)

This is a simple iOS app to bring stories and pictures to life. Just take a picture and then draw a line to show where the mouth is. Record your voice and your picture will speak your text and move their mouth. Great for K-2 classes!

Google Docs (Google Chrome)

Google Docs has many fantastic qualities which include FREE, mondo collaboration features and a voice to text tool. This allows students to speak text and have it convert to printed text. This definitely helps the lower grades as well as many of our special education students. It is not fool proof so some word don't come out exactly as they are spoken but it is a great tool none the less.

Clearly (Google Chrome)

Are you tired of not being able to see what you want on a website because there is alot of extra clutter and ads? Clearly will clean the website right up. It installs as a Chrome extension so any website you are viewing, all you need to do is click the Clearly icon to clear it right up.

Google Forms (Google Chrome)

Do you need a quick way to gather information without having to type it all yourself? Or are you planning an election and don't want to total all the ballots by hand? Do you want to give a quick multiple choice formative assessment that is graded by the computer? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you definately need to take a look at Google Forms!

Technology Shout Outs

A BIG Shout Out goes to Jamie Smith and Adrienne Kravchak for representing White Oaks in a fantastic way by presenting at the 2015 Virginia State Technology Educators conference in Roanoke, Virginia. Jamie and Adrienne did a fantastic job of highlighting the use of 3D printing in the classroom.