Case Study: T.G.

Oral Presentation: FBA/BIP

Description of Student

  • T. is in 11th and 12th grade classroom at Synergy
  • Earned 1.5 credits towards graduation
  • Previously diagnosed as OHI
  • Reading level: 2nd grade, Writing level: 3rd grade, Math: 3rd grade

Summary of FBA

T.G.'s FBA

T. uses verbal and physical aggression towards staff & students, and his use of profanity impedes his ability to be successful in an academic setting. When T. feels provoked or insulted, when given a directive from staff he does not want to comply with, or when he is confronted by peers, T. displays verbal and physical aggression and uses profanity.

Educational Impact:

Physical and verbal aggression lead to loss of instructional time, results in missing assignments and loss of credits, negative impact to classroom and school climate

Previous Interventions

Phone calls home: Not effective

Individual conferences: Somewhat effective, beginning to self-advocate, apologizes

Refocus room & Special Education teacher's room: Somewhat effective

Redirection: Somewhat effective

Analysis of Data

FBA: Interviews with general education teacher, special education teacher, co-teacher, lunch supervisor

Special Education Teacher: pleasant to work with, responds well to incentives, praise, gives him bus tickets for attendance, hard time avoiding conflicts with peers, works best when assisted by an adult, refusal to work has to do with academic skills

Lunch Room Supervisor: uses profanity often, responds well to praise, can be helpful and respectful, responds well to redirection

Co-Teacher: When T. is in front of a large group, more profanity and aggression, altercation with principal, T. seemed to be in a "daze," maturity levels below peers, starts situations by becoming involved in gossip and rumors, can be polite, but unable to stop cursing or take responsibility for his actions

General Education Teacher: T. is concerned with what peers think of him, uses profanity, engages in "ribbing," gets distracted easily, does not complete assignments often, learning to self-advocate, respectful towards teacher, listens to teacher when conferencing or using redirection, has a difficult time accepting responsibility, or seeing the connection between violating classroom expectations and classroom disruption, responds well when teacher re-directs and helps him calm himself down, says he will stop cursing "for the teacher"

FBA: 15 minute observations, 5 total, on 5 different days across various settings (classroom, hallway, lunchroom)

  • Transitions, hallways=profanities increase
  • Frustrated with work or classmates=profanities increase
  • Working independently or with a group/partner=profanities increase
  • Working with teacher or special education teacher=profanities decrease
  • During direct instruction=profanities decrease
  • Altercations occur at various times=more likely after or before transitions, independent work=no pattern noticed

BIP: 20 minute observations, 5 total, on 3 different days (AM and PM), across various settings (classroom, hallway, gym)

  • No noticeable difference between use of profanity
  • Engaged in 2 verbal/physical altercations
  • Did use self-calming technique, was able to remain in classroom, able to re-focus
  • No referrals or suspensions

Target Behavior

Verbal and physical aggression towards staff and students and the use of profanity impedes T.'s ability to be successful in an academic environment

Triggers: when T. feels insulted, is given a directive he does not want to comply with, and/or when he is confronted by peers

Behavior occurs when T. engages in a social interaction with peers or school staff member, and his classmates tease him or make inappropriate comments, or he does not want to comply with a directive

Quantitative Evidence of Results

  • 5, 20 minute observations
  • 11/28, 10-10:20 am, 1 act of verbal aggression, use of profanity noted 15 times
  • 11/28 incident, student did self-calm, remain in room
  • 11/28, 1:40-2:00 pm, 0 acts of aggression, use of profanity noted 8 times
  • 11/29, 9:00-9:20 am, 0 acts of aggression, use of profanity noted 6 times
  • 11/29, 1:20-1:40 pm, 1 act of aggression, use of profanity noted 10 times
  • 11/29 incident, T. acted as an instigator
  • 11/30, 8:30-8:50 am, 0 acts of aggression, use of profanity noted 7 times
  • See charts

Summary/Analysis of Plan

  • Need more time to implement and fully evaluate, possibly 1-2 months
  • Behaviors will take time to change
  • BIP was written before implementation of token economy behavior checklist, skill streaming lessons, preventative, replacement, and instructional strategies implemented
  • Conferencing with student and building a relationship has helped the most so far
  • Discussing with T. self-calming, ignoring, and anger management skills has helped
  • Synergy Bucks and verbal praise continue to help with positive behavior change
  • T. has improved in the areas of self-advocacy, work completion, and use of profanity (often apologizes, sometimes drops the cuss word)
  • Continuing to make progress in small noticeable ways