Reggie Sanchez

ceramics 1

USA elite sock/ boot

statement 1

I created this project because i wanted something challenging to do. I had problems that had to do with adding or getting rid of clay, I also had to design or carve things in the sock/boot that made it look what is right now. If I could change anything in this project, I would change the color the shape so it doesn't look like a boot and more looks like a sock.

The Bird shack

statement 2

I created this project for the community and for the purpose for the birds to live in. I had many problems but i got through them. One problem was that how i was going to make the wood on the bird house really look like real wood. Another problem was that how it was going to hang from something. Well i solved that problem by taking a tool or a pencil and poking two holes all the way through the back.

critique piece 1

In this artwork I see that they have taken the pinch pot method and used it for the bottom and this work is smooth on the bottom and rough on the top where the handle is. The facts that i can see in this are that gives away the texture are the rough edges and the lines of detail that are in this work. The color and the space inside where the handle is brings emphasis to you cause of the color because its all one color and the negative space draws your attention. I think this sculpture is about where instead of carrying water buckets on their head and they wanted to carry it by hand instead. I think this piece could be the model of a new century of carrying water by hands instead of on your head. I think this artwork is successful because the way they made the sculpture.

critique piece 2

statement 2

In this artwork I see a guy that is changed up, about to be killed cause he did something wrong. In this piece his mood and his emotions is sad cause he is afraid that he is going to die. this painting is about men or women not doing what they are suppost to be doing and paying the consquence. This artwork shows a story about the gladiator cause in the movie maximus gets caught doing something and he is changed up. This artwork is successful because it symbolizes the later time periods, that some people didnt live in at the time