District Counselor PD

October 12, 2015

300 Potential Teachers

Today's Agenda

1. Combined meeting with Learning Consultants for development of evaluation goal.
2. High School Discussion: Documenting "FLEX" options
3. ASCA activity
4. TIP guest speaker
Team work pays off - cool examples - VERY FUNNY

Evaluation Goal Development

Thoughts from administration

Reflection Questions

Goal Setting Activitity-Visual Thinking Activity

  1. What is working? What is helping students to be successful?
  2. What are the barriers to student success? What are you worried about?
  3. What programs or interventions address the issues you have identified?
  4. Is there a program goal from this analysis?

Design Worksheet

  1. What is the gap, issue or student need we are addressing?
  2. How does addressing the issue affect student achievement, attendance, behavior?
  3. Is the goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, results-oriented and time bound (SMART)?
  4. Does goal align with the school mission statement or school improvement.
SMART Goals in Education

4 step Process

  1. What is the goal?
  2. How will we achieve it?
  3. How will we analyze the data?
  4. How will you use your results?
TEDxCincy - Jeff Edmondson - The Key to Educational Improvement: Data and How We Use It

Documenting FLEX Options

Possible Flex Options

1. 3rd Science for Computer Science
2. Marching Band for .5 PE
3. 2nd Year World Language for VPAA or CTE program