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Week of October 2, 2022

IWCS - Vision & Mission

Vision: To create a learning environment that will enable every child to discover his or her unique gifts and talents.

Mission: To enhance and expand on each child’s unique gifts and talents to ensure every child is college, career and life ready.


Important Dates:

Wednesday, October 5th

- CIP Community Input @WHS 6:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.

Thursday, October 6th

- Interim Reports Issued

Friday, October 7th

- 1:00p.m. Dismissal (Carrsville ES, Windsor ES); WHS Homecoming

Wear Blue & Gold to support WHS!

Upcoming Important Dates:

October 10th: Student Holiday/Professional Learning Day

October 11th: CES PTA Meeting/Family Engagement Night 6:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.

October 13th: School Board Meeting @WSES 5:00p.m. Closed Session/6:00p.m. Open Session

October 21st: Fall Festival/Haunted Gym (more info to come)

November 4th: End of First Quarter; Education Foundation Gala

November 10th: Student Holiday/Staff Work Day; School Board Meeting @WSES 5:00p.m. Closed Session/6:00p.m. Open Session

November 11th: Veterans Day - All Schools/Offices Closed

November 18th: Report Cards Issued

November 23rd-25th: All Schools/Offices Closed (Thanksgiving Holiday)

December 3rd: Carrsville Christmas Parade Time TBD

December 8th: School Board Meeting @WSES 5:00p.m. Closed Session/6:00p.m. Open Session

December 9th: Elementary Student Holiday - Elementary Parent Conference (Regular day for MS/HS)

December 15th: Interim Reports Issued

December 16th: Last Day of School Before Winter Break

December 19th-30th: All Schools/Offices Closed (Winter Break)

January 2nd: Student Holiday/Staff Workday

January 16th: All Schools/Offices Closed (MLK, Jr. Day)

January 26th & 27th: Three Hour Early Dismissal for MS/HS: Regular Day for Elementary Schools

January 27th: End of Second Quarter/First Semester

January 30th: Student Holiday/Staff Workday

January 31st: Student Holiday/Staff Professional Learning Day

IWCS School Calendar 2022-2023


School Picture Information

Photo Ordering: Ordering will be 100% online. Photos will be available to order about two weeks after picture day - approximately mid-October.

See additional picture dates below:

Fall Makeup and Retake Photos: Wednesday, October 26th

Class Photos: Tuesday, February 7th

Spring Photos (optional for students): Tuesday, February 28th

Spring Makeup and Retake (optional for students): Thursday, March 23rd


Donuts with Dads

Thanks to all who worked to make our "Donuts with Dads" event a success!


CES PTA Information

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--- Join the CES PTA!

Please contact Mrs. Amy Maye, CES PTA President, to join!



Meal Information from Mrs. Byrd, CES Cafeteria Manager

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Child Nutrition Information


School Attendance

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Message from IWCS

As we resume normal school operations and begin to move past the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that families understand the importance of regular, on-time attendance to school. As demonstrated by the recent COVID-19 closures, absences from school have a tremendous impact on student learning and achievement. In an effort to help every student meet with success, the division wants to take a moment to remind families of the attendance policies and regulations for Isle of Wight County Schools. It is especially important to note the expectations for student attendance as it relates to student retention and course credit.

Elementary school students may not be promoted to the next grade if unexcused absences from school total more than ten (10) days.

Middle school students may not be promoted to the next grade nor granted credit for a course if unexcused absences from school or from a class which earns high school credit total more than ten (10) days.

High school students may not be granted credit for a course if unexcused absences from class total more than five (5) class periods for a semester course, or ten (10) class periods for year-long courses.

The entire policy JED and regulation JED-R may be found on the division's website by clicking: Board → Policy → J. Students → JED and/or JED-R. Please contact Mrs. Hatfield, CES Principal, if you have any questions.



When a student has missed school, a note from the parent/guardian must be received by the school office. The note must contain the following information:

- reason for the absence,

- the date(s) of the absence,

- the signature of the parent or other authorized person, and

- a telephone number where the parent or other authorized person may be reached during the day.

When a note is not submitted, the absence will be considered unexcused. Each student is allowed 5 notes per semester. Please submit doctor's notes or other professional notes to excuse a student if the absence is due to an appointment. School personnel will implement the following steps to improve attendance:

1st - 2nd continuous unverified/unexcused absences - AUTOMATED CALL home is made

3rd unverified/unexcused absences - CALL home is made

4th unverified/unexcused absences - LETTER is sent home

5th-7th unverified/unexcused absences - ATTENDANCE IMPROVEMENT PLAN is developed with follow-ups

8th unverified/unexcused absences - Attendance Care Team makes TRUANCY REFERRAL and meeting scheduled with administrator

10th unverified/unexcused absences - TRUANCY court process initiated

12th-15th unverified/unexcused absences - family may be referred to Social Services/CARES team

15th + unverified/unexcused absences - CHINS disposition/CHINS order filed; other violations may result per court liaison or judge

*CHINS: Child in Need of Services/Supervision


IWCS Student Code of Conduct 2022-2023

Click here for the Code of Conduct document.


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Preschool Corner (Great Resources for Kindergarten Friends, Too!)

Attention Preschool Families:

Below you will find a newsletter and resources from Mrs. Haley Cooprider, Preschool Coordinator.

VPI Newsletter October 2022

Relate Family Letter

Regulate Family Letter

Core Skill Routines

Routine Cards for Home


Family Resources:

CES has reading and math resources available for families to check out. These games and activities can be used at home to support your student's learning. Please email or call Mrs. Hatfield ( or Mrs. Reeder ( 357-8844 if you are interested in checking out these resources.

October - Dyslexia Awareness Month

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Community Happenings

Dr. Theo Cramer's Listening Tour

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Capital Improvement Plan Community Meetings

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Education Foundation Student's First Gala 2022

Please see information below regarding the upcoming Education Foundation Student's First Gala 2022 which supports fundraising for IWCS teachers and students. Click the picture below for information.


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Dr. Theo Cramer, IWCS Superintendent