The Counselor's Corner

It's that time again! Group Counseling Sign Ups are here!

Hello Parents!

I hope that everyone's year is off to a great start! I am very excited to announce that we will begin our first series of small group counseling sessions in late September. This series will focus on strategies for academic success. Consider:

  • Does your child need assistance with organization or time management skills?
  • Would it benefit your child to learn new ways to study and prepare for tests?
  • Would it be helpful for your child to learn skills for managing the varied demands of middle school?

This series of counseling groups will address these concerns and more! In addition, small group counseling is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet others, develop friendships and work through challenges in an accepting environment all while learning skills that will enable them to be successful in school. For general questions regarding group counseling, please see our FAQ's below.

To sign up for counseling groups, please see the descriptions and sign-up forms below. Sign ups are accepted on a first-come, first--serve basis only and are due by Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Elementary Groups

1st Grade Group: "Bear-y Good Students": Students will join Barney Bear as he learns about listening skills, following directions, and how to work quietly.

2nd Grade Group: STAR Students: Students will learn how to be a 'star' in school by learning how to use a textbook, how to follow oral/written directions, and listening skills.

3rd Grade Group: Road to Success: Students will take a journey that teaches them to improve their study habits.

4th Grade Groups: Climbing the Ladder: Students will learn and practice time management and organizational techniques.

5th Grade Group: Study Skills 5: Students will learn and practice test taking strategies, memorization techniques and organizational skills.

Middle School Groups

Managing Middle School: This group provides students with the opportunity to share experiences, employ problem solving skills, and learn coping strategies. In this series, we will focus on strategies for academic success: organizational skills, time management skills and also stress coping skills. Students will set individual goals and learn strategies for reaching these goals. Middle school groups meeting on a rotating schedule. 3-4 sessions will meet during lunch. 2-3 sessions will meet during class time (other than math). Students will not miss more than one of the same class for groups.

Sign up Forms

Online form: Please click here to enter your request online. After submitting the online form, your response will be sent directly to the counselor. This form must be submitted by Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Printable Form: Please click here for a printable paper form. Please return this form to the counselor by Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Group Counseling FAQ's

1. When do the groups meet?

  • Elementary Groups meet during the school day for about thirty minutes on a rotating schedule. Middle school groups rotate through two academic classes, one elective and lunch. Since we use a rotating schedule, students should only miss each class once over the course of 7 weeks.
  • The teachers, students and I work together to ensure that that students are kept up to date on any work they might miss.

2. What do we do in group?

  • We use group discussions, movies, games, and activities to learn and practice a particular skill.

3. How can my child participate in group?

  • Please fill out the form provided here. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that I will facilitate each group listed. I will schedule the groups based on the students’ needs and interests. Thank you!

Our Mission

St. Timothy Catholic School Counseling Program’s mission is to assist students with their academic and social/emotional needs, explore their future aspirations, promote their spiritual growth, and encourage service to others with an individualized, child-centered approach that is rooted in the Catholic faith and honors the dignity of each child. The program's services focus on students' strengths and abilities and are designed to remove the barriers to academic achievement and promote student success.