Nixon Elementary School

Notables From Nixon

Dear Nixon Families,

As each classroom celebrated the last day of school, the sound of laughter and happiness could be heard down the hallway and from classroom to classroom. The joy was palpable!

Thank you for your partnership throughout this school year. Enjoy the summer days ahead!


Susan Woods


Nixon Grade Level Teachers 2021-2022


Rebecca Amaral

Sarah Rivera

Stefanie Burrell

Grade 1

Reyne Booth
Carolyn Sutherland

Grade 2

Anderson Manuel

Meghan Samarco

Sue Choquette

Grade 3

Melissa Moribito

Jeff Kotkin

Grade 4

Ryan Brown

Deana Miller

Amy Durkin

Grade 5

Joanne Bleiler

Chrstine Smaldone

A Message About Report Cards

Report cards will be released electronically on Friday, June 18th at the end of the day. Given the shortened school year, you may notice that some standards have been marked with an “x,” meaning that the standard was not addressed in sufficient depth to ensure that students are able to achieve mastery. Please know that the curriculum team is working closely with classroom teachers, coaches and specialists to adjust next year’s learning scope and sequence in order to address any unfinished learning.